Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella: Finding Stories and Staying True to Their Heart
Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella: Finding Stories and Staying True to Their Heart

The Blue Umbrella director Saschka Unseld will talk about where ideas come from, what is at the core of the stories we tell, and how a story will and should change during production. 

Unseld will discuss where his initial idea for The Blue Umbrella came from and how he tried to shape this idea into a story by finding out what the story meant to him on a personal and emotional level. 

He will give the exact story pitch that he gave to Pixar then show excerpts of the different stages of production: story reel, layout and animation. He will explain where and why story changes were made and how he made these changes without losing the core of his initial idea. In the last part he will focus on how knowing the emotional core of his story helped to drive and push the artistry in all the technical aspects and departments of his film. By using The Blue Umbrella as an example, Unseld hopes to impart lessons that will apply to all filmmakers striving to tell emotionally driven stories.

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Saschka Unseld, Creative Director for Commercials, Passion Pictures