EyeCANdy Touring Program
EyeCANdy: Contemporary Canadian Animation
A collection of wildly inventive and provocative Canadian independent animated short films that showcase an amazing range of styles and stories from across the country. EyeCANdy highlights Canada's prolific and inventive animation culture and illustrates the medium's endless possibilities.

Films in the program include Emily Pelstring's 1980s-inspired neon fever dream Insect Express, Charlie Tyrell's Oscar nominated My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes, Valerie Barnhart's Vimeo Award-winner Girl in the Hallway, and Ivan Li's provocative conversation-starter Finding Uranus - plus many more.

Curated by OIAF's Artistic Director Chris Robinson, EyeCANdy is a visual treat that will leave audiences craving more.

Screening in Ottawa for Apt 613 Day. CLICK HERE TO WATCH! Password: Apt613

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Running Time: 77 minutes

Casino | Steven Woloshen | 2016

"A film for my Father, who gambled with love."

Girl in the Hallway
Girl in the Hallway | Valerie Barnhart | 2018

Why does 'Little Red Riding Hood' give Jamie nightmares? It's been 15 years, and the girl in the hallway haunts him still.

Ravines | Guillaume Pelletier-Auger | 2018

Nervous lines continually draw the contours of moving mountains.

Biidaaban | Amanda Strong | 2018

Biidaaban sets out to harvest sap from Sugar Maples from an urban Ontario neighbourhood which is primarily inhabited by Settlers. The practice of harvesting sap goes back to time immemorial for the Anishinaabe people. Biidaaban works in continuum with this practice, accompanied by their friend Sabe and other spirit beings that once lived in this area. The neighbourhood acts as both nemesis and provider. The fear of being caught plays up against the bravery it takes to continue ceremony and practice on occupied lands.

Erodium Thunk
Erodium Thunk | Winston Hacking | 2018

A barrage of hyperlinked cable television commercials.

Emergency Broadcast
Emergency Broadcast | Pixie Cram | 2017

Built at the height of the Cold War to withstand a five-megaton nuclear assault, the Diefenbunker is a massive underground, four-story, 100,000-square-foot fortress designed and constructed entirely in secrecy in 1959. Inspired by the objects, rooms, and spaces of this Canadian Historic Site, this stop-animation film depicts the beginnings of a nuclear war.

Only Lovers Left to Die
Only Lovers Leave to Die | Vladimir Kanic | 2016

Emily begins perceiving the world as it was made from painted film stock shortly after being injured in an accident. On her way to a hospital, a story of love, death, passion and loss unravels through dialogues of characters surrounding her, each represented with a different pattern of film stock.

My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes
My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes | Charlie Tyrell | 2018

Filmmaker Charlie Tyrell seeks to better understand his emotionally distant late-father through the personal belongings he left behind... including a stack of VHS dirty movies. Narrated by David Wain.

Insect Express
Insect Express | Emily Pelstring | 2016

The film explores an intersection of species; insect flight patterns and modes of industrial travel merge as collective rituals in a fever dream.

Finding Uranus
Finding Uranus | Ivan Li | 2019

If Kubrick returned from the dead and was going to make an animation film about self-pleasure... well...this might be it.