Privacy Policy
The OIAF Last Updated February 17th, 2015

We, the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF), respect the privacy of our website visitors and registered users and do all we can to ensure a safe and secure experience. This Privacy Policy is to explain how we obtain, store and distribute information from our visitors and registered users. You are encouraged to read over this Privacy Policy to understand how your personal information is handled by the OIAF.  The following pertains to connections made to the domain "".

Visitors - The general web-surfing public, who browses our website for various information

(Registered) Users - Clients who register a profile and log into our website, and who may choose to submit additional information such as Entry Forms, Delegate Profiles, or Pass Order Forms.

What types of information do you collect?
From most internet visitors, we collect very little identifying information.  As is most common on the internet, our servers identify individual Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for each visitor to our webpage, as well as the standardized "session" information (internet browser, system type, etc). We do not have the means to specifically identify individuals or computers by IP address.

Cookies, stored locally by visitors' browsers, are used for navigation only and essentially operate as simple "Boolean" (yes/no) switches in regards to which content is shown to each visitor.
We require First Name, Last Name, Email Address and City and Country of residence from users who wish to register. Registered users are able to supply more information, such as Date of Birth, Address, and Contact Phone Numbers, although providing such details are optional for simply registering an account.

Registered users are also given the option of submitting an online entry form, registering for a Festival Pass, and submitting personal and company profiles for the Canadian Animation Directory and Television Animation Conference Delegate Guide.  This may require providing additional information, such as Images (personal photo, company logo), Contact Information (mailing addresses, phone numbers), and Descriptions (company profiles, personal biographies).

Online purchases may require Credit Card Information for processing.

All information provided to the OIAF through online forms is transmitted securely using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

Who is collecting this information?
The Ottawa International Animation Festival oversees the retrieval, organization, and distribution of the information collected through its website. While our domain host HostGator ( ultimately owns the servers where this information is kept, they do not access the information stored by the OIAF without our explicit permission.

Why do we collect this information?

General visitor and session information is used for statistical purposes only (such as number of hits per page, how many visitors use the Firefox browser, etc.). This not only helps us to analyze how effective our website is in promoting the OIAF, but it also aids in improving the design and navigation of our website.

Other information types collected from registered users are used for purposes specified when the particular forms are submitted. Examples include: film and distributor information for printing in the Festival Reader; credit card information for processing pass orders; and schedule information for providing easy-to-read personalized printouts.

Users who have been identified as "opting-in", will be sent monthly OIAF newsletters and announcements to their provided email addresses. Valid mailing addresses may occasionally be sent OIAF promotional materials.

Information collected from registered users is also used for various statistical purposes (such as number of films submitted from Canada, or the number of passholders from the United States.)

With whom is this information shared?
We try to be as respectful as possible to those who provide their information to us. Thus, we do not sell or freely distribute contact details or other forms of private information to third parties, without the explicit consent from the owner of such information.

Affiliates or partners who wish to promote their activities or services may occasionally purchase the right to have email notices sent out to members of our "opt-in" list, however the OIAF does not provide them with this list. Rather, the OIAF personally distributes such information without compromising the privacy of our various patrons, users, and visitors.

Film contacts (distributors and/or independent filmmakers) for Competition and Showcase films are published in our Festival Reader for Festival patrons and the general public who may wish to purchase a Reader.

Credit card numbers, birthdates, and other extremely sensitive information is maintained with the highest regard and never shared with third parties.

How long do we keep this information?
Website cookies marked as "permanent" expire after 6 months from their originating date.  Session-only cookies are removed once the visitor session (ie. browser) is closed.

Credit card numbers, names, and expiry information is deleted no later than 12 months from the date of receipt.  Such information is often removed earlier, once processing is finished and both parties have acknowledged and ensured satisfaction with the exchange.

All other information collected (contacts, film submissions, profiles) is kept indefinitely, and updated and/or removed as deemed necessary by the OIAF.

What are your options regarding the collection, use, and distribution of your personal information? How can you correct or review your personal information?
Any user wishing to be removed from our "opt-in" newsletter list may simply log into their existing account and deselect the appropriate checkbox in their Account Settings. Alternatively, users may email the OIAF at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and simply request to have their email removed from the list. Such requests have high priority and are processed as soon as possible.

Users may log in using the form on the main page and change their personal contact information in their Account Settings. Other information may or may not be directly editable by the user, and may require contacting the OIAF to alter information.  Information provided with a deadline (including but not limited to entry forms, pass orders, and delegate profiles) is altered, updated or deleted at the discretion of the OIAF.

Do we collect information from children?

Registered users must be thirteen (13) years of age or older. We do not require users' ages or birthdates in order to maintain privacy, however we ask that an adult register and maintain accounts for children under the age of thirteen who wish to utilize services such as entry forms or pass orders.  If an account is found to be created and/or maintained by someone under the age of thirteen and the account cannot be transferred to an eligible user, the account will be removed.

What can I do if I have a question, request, comment or complaint?
Anyone wishing to change, update or request their information, or have any questions whatsoever may contact the OIAF at any time by phone (613) 232-8769, fax (613) 232-6315, or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .