Panels In consultation with our Canadian and international contacts we develop a series of panels and seminars exploring current industry issues, including technology trends, co-productions, successful content creation and much more.

TAC will host TWO streams in 2019: 


A conversation with Disney Television Animation's Shane Prigmore & Jermaine Turner
With the ever-changing kids' programming landscape, this talk will discuss developing animated content that connects with Disney's audience of kids and families across multiple platforms – Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and the upcoming Disney +.

The Ins & Outs of your financial relationship with international partners

A panel featuring producers, consultants, and brokers. This panel will explore the best practices of working with foreign-based companies. The conversation will cover building sustainable budgets and financial packages, bidding with informed forecasting, and maintaining profitability with foreign currencies. 

Breaking the mold: Canada's next steps in the global animation market 
With 80% of the Canadian animation industry built around production services, what is the future of the original Canadian IP?  Where and how is creative development percolating? How has the current state of platform acquisitions and development within Canada forced change? Is there a deviation from the Canadian look and sensibilities to compete aggressively in the global market, with little local market buyers? 
Join a panel of Canadian content creators as they delve into this colossal conversation. 

Cloth Cat Animation: Developing Customized Technology & Creating a Hit Chinese Series
Founded in 2012, Cloth Cat Animation is now one of the leading animation companies in the UK, based in the heart of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.  They have created their own bespoke studio management system using ftrack, and have experience of using developers to adapt it to a fast-paced studio environment. Because they are combining a variety of software, both 2D and 3D, across a variety of projects simultaneously, shot tracking and rendering are complex problems that have to constantly adapt to the daily demands of production. They will give insight into this dynamic technical development and present a case study on the International Emmy nominated project "Luo Bao Bei". Commissioned by Beijing-based company Magic Mall, this project deftly combines Chinese heritage with a dash of British humour and charm.

Jon Rennie, Managing Director, Cloth Cat Animation

Navigating an Ever-Changing Market 
The content market has gone through several shifts in a very short time. This conversation among streaming platforms, broadcasters, and producers will delve into the high demand for content, how this has changed the content creation landscape, including the change in demand and how everyone is adapting. 

The Big U: A not-so dramatic conversation about unionization in the animation industry 
The animation industry has long had unionized elements – actors, writers, directors, etc. – but the core of the industry, the artists, have been unorganized. That may be changing. Recent information sessions in Vancouver and Toronto by IATSE (Local 839, The Animation Guild) and Unifor (Local 2000) suggest that this might soon change. A panel consisting of an artist, producer, and union and legal experts will explore guidelines that are key for studios to understand, including to which degree studios can participate in the conversation; understanding collective bargaining; what a unionized landscape can look like in the animation industry and what it may mean for the future of the industry.  

Global Check-In: Canary Islands, Jamaica, South Africa, and the Philippines

This panel will look at four different markets on everyone’s radar.  Gain insight into the state of these industries, growth and changes within the market, and details on incentives for Canadians and other international partners. 

* More content and speakers will be posted shortly. 

Full Day - Wednesday, September 25 
  • Canadian Funding and tax credits 101: CMF, Ontario Creates, Shaw Rocket Fund, Creative Export Canada, Sodec
  • Just Do It: Creating diversity in Kids Content with Shabnam Rezaei
  • Developing a hit pre-school Series: The story of Pocoyo with creator Guillermo García Carsí   
  • Personal Pitch Perfection with Karen Kirkland: An intimate workshop on crafting your personal pitch and honing skills for building key relationships. 
* Details on registration will be posted shortly