General Information
How frequent is the Ottawa International Animation Festival?
Is there still a biennial Student Festival?
What is the deadline for entries to the 2019 Festival?
Is there an entry fee?
If I enter, what costs am I responsible for?

If I send you a link to my site, can you tell me if my work is good enough to submit?
My film has lots of live action with some animation. Is it still considered animation?
My film wasn’t accepted for last year’s festival. Can I submit it again this year?
What’s the minimum length you can accept for a film? The maximum?
I live in the country of (…). Can I still send you my film?
Can films be screened at other festivals prior to screening at OIAF?
My film is on YouTube/Vimeo/otherwise posted online. Does this affect my eligibility?
My film won’t be finished until after the deadline. Will you still accept it? I’ll send you a finished version once it’s done.
I only have my film available in SD, and don't have an HD copy ready now. Can I still submit my film?
My film is not in English. Does it need subtitles?

What if my VR project is not on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear VR?
Why don't I see the High School category option?
Why did you remove the High School category?
Is the School Showreel category back for 2019?
Where are the individual Promotional/Music Video/Series for Adult categories?
Can I enter multiple episodes of a series?
I finished my film while in school, but I have since completed my program. Am I still able to submit my film to the high school or (under)graduate category?
What are the categories for 2019 and which one should I enter my film in?
Can I submit a film to more than one category?
How do I submit to the School Showreel category?

Entry Form
How can I get an entry form?
Can I download a PDF version of the entry form?
I don’t like to fill out entry forms. Can I just send you my film anyway?
Who is the "Primary Contact"? (What does this mean? Or we have multiple directors for our film; who should fill out the form?)
Do I really need to fill out every single crew member?
Can I put multiple films on one entry form?
Do I need to send you a paper entry form?
My film’s ratio is 16:9, but I don’t see that listed in your options.
What does “Premiere” mean?
How will I know you received my entry form?
How can I update or fix my entry details? (I pressed “Submit” before I was done OR I put in the wrong title OR My film has been shown somewhere else and I need to change the premiere type.)

Additional Documents
What other information should I send to complete the submission process?
How should I send you my additional documents?
Is there a deadline for the additional documents?
How big should my director photo and film stills be?
Should I send biographies and pictures for everyone credited?
I think my film synopsis is too long. Is there a word count limit?
I’m submitting more than one film; do I have to send you a copy of my bio and picture for each film?
How will I know you received my additional documents?

Preview Copies
Can I just use FTP or a file transfer service like WeTransfer/YouSendIt for my preview film? Can I burn a MOV directly as a data file onto the DVD? What about a CD? What about thumb/flash/pen/USB drives?
I read that you have new format requirements for films selected for screening. Does this mean I can’t send my Beta tape? Should I be sending a DVD instead?
Can I put multiple films in one link?
I’m nervous that maybe my link won’t work. Can I send a backup DVD just in case?
How do I properly label the package so that it is not delayed by customs?
How will I know you received my entry form?
I understand that the deadline is May 31, 2019, but does this mean you have to receive everything by then, or it only has to be postmarked no later than May 31?
When are the films selected?

What criteria are used to judge the submissions?
Under what circumstance can my film be rejected immediately?
... What? Really?
How will I know if my film has been selected?
I heard something about screening digital files... is this true? Are you sure you can’t accept my 35mm / BetacamSP / 16mm / DigiBeta / HDCam / miniDV / BluRay for screening?
What if my film has been selected and I need a visa to enter Canada?
Who is given a free pass?
Where can I find out about hotel accommodations?
When is the schedule of events published?

Technical Help
Your website isn’t working!
Whenever I try to upload my files and click “Submit”, the webpage just sits there. Did you get them?
I uploaded the wrong file! How can I delete it?
I clicked the “Submit” button twice, and now there are two entries with the same name in my account. How can I delete one?
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