Submissions When deciding how to submit your film, choose the category that best describes your film's production environment, distribution method and/or purpose:

A - Feature Film
Animated Feature: Animated film over 45 minutes in length.

B - Independent Short Films Competition
Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Suggested maximum length of 30 minutes.

Narrative Short: Structured with some sort of narrative or story. (ie. "something happens")

Non-Narrative: Structured without a clear narrative or cause-effect plotline.
*Note: 'Non-narrative' does not mean 'dialogue-free'. Dialogue, i.e. narration, is fine.

C - Student Animation Competition
Films made by students who are either currently enrolled in a high school, post-secondary or graduate diploma or degree or were so enrolled during the films’ production.

D- Commissioned Films Competition
Works that are funded and produced for specific commercial or promotional purposes.
Commissioned Animation: Including but not limited to commercials, title sequences, station/program identification spots, music videos, and animation series made for adults. Please note only one episode per series is eligible and is limited to 22 minutes and under.

E - Films/Videos Made for Young Audiences
Independent or commissioned films that are produced and distributed specifically for young audiences aged 0-12. Please note only one episode per series is eligible and is limited to 22 minutes and under.
Short Preschool Animation Made for Young Audiences: Any non-feature animated film (under 30 minutes) that is aimed specifically at young audiences aged 0-5.
Short Animation Made for Young Audiences 6-12: Any non-feature animated film (under 30 minutes) that is aimed specifically at young audiences aged 6-12.

F - Virtual Reality (VR) Competition
Immersive works that are created for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR virtual reality platforms.
Immersive works: Independent and commissioned projects including but not limited to narrative short experiences, installations, time based works, interactive works, and non-linear narrative or non-narrative experiences. If applicable, please note only one episode in any series is eligible and all submissions are limited to an experience length of 20 minutes and under.

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