Films & Screenings

Official Competition

The Official Competition is a Festival highlight, with 92 short animated films (including VR and Series) and 6 animated feature films vying for an award. An international, six-person jury will be handing out prizes on Friday, October 1.

The Official Competition features works selected from the 2000+ entries coming from 80+ different countries.

Audiences can watch the Gala screenings for the eight Short Competition and two Young Audiences Competition programmes running “live” at set times throughout the 12 days of the OIAF. Filmmakers will be introduced and get your questions ready for a Q & A afterwards.

The Animated Series Competition, Canadian Student Competition, Feature Competition, and Virtual Reality Competition will be available On Demand.

Panorama Screenings

The World Panorama and Canadian Panorama programmes feature selections of outstanding new animated short films from across Canada and around the world, in addition to a variety of new international student work shown in the World Student Panorama.

Selected from among the 2021 submissions, these films are an out-of-competition companion series to the wide range of techniques and voices found in the Official Competition.

Retrospectives & Special Screenings

A selection of short film programmes highlighting the best of the past, including screenings of special retrospectives from celebrated and noteworthy animators and studios, and showcases focusing on specific animation techniques.

Stay tuned here for 2021 special screening announcements!

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Best of Ottawa 2020

The Best of Ottawa touring program showcases audience favourites and award winners from the 2020 Ottawa International Animation Festival competition. The package offers a sampling of exceptional animated short films that explore moments of humour, profundity and inspiration. The works in this collection provide a unique cross-section of some of the best contemporary film artists from around the world.

The 2020 Best of Ottawa program includes In the Shadow of the Pines, Anne Koizumi’s moving retelling of her relationship with her father; David Stumpf & Michaela Mihalyi’s humourous and absurd Sh_t Happens about- well, strange shit that happens; and Kang-min Kim’s KKUM, a stunning black and white dreamworld that claimed both the Grand Prize and the Public Prize this year.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind programme of ground-breaking, smile-making and head-shaking animated film courtesy of the Ottawa International Animation Festival!

Running Time: 76 minutes


One blow to the head and we’ll be lying on the floor.

Herbert arrives in the seaside city on a long working trip. Accidentally he falls in love with a very strange beautiful saleswoman in a flower shop. He suffers from insomnia, which he treats by watching billiards on TV. But now it doesn’t help anymore. His obsessive passion keeps him awake…

Jo Goes Hunting ‘Careful’

On the borderless map of a magical planet, little beings pick, brush, weave, fish and collect elements from their natural environment to sustain their life as a group. This essential balance turns to chaos once they misuse their findings to polish their individual appearance.

Attempting to escape her reality, a desperate girl climbs down into a deep dark silo. She finds solace in an injured bird. In an intense but quietly told story, we see the struggle of a depressed young girl. We don’t always see what’s going on in the minds of our children. A small thing can be enough to give them new energy to continue their lives.

A short opera inspired by Aesop’s fable ‘The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle’.

Pá kis panelom! (Bye Little Block!)

The protagonist learns that soon she will have to leave her blockhouse flat for good. After receiving the upsetting news she is overwhelmed with emotions. Her teardrop of farewell grows into a concrete monolith. When the drop hits the ground a surreal panorama of the blockhouse area she used to call home unfolds…

The caretaker exhausted by everything, his frustrated wife and one totally depressed deer. Their mutual despair leads them to absurd events, because… shit happens all the time.

In the Shadow of the Pines is a deeply personal animated documentary short about a difficult father-daughter relationship inspired by the filmmaker’s own upbringing with her immigrant dad, who was also the janitor at the elementary school she attended. The film questions the idea of shame and how it can shape and define us while inhibiting who we can truly become.

La mer à boire (The Sea Is Too Much to Drink)

« La mer à boire » is a french idiom that translates as « drinking the sea ». It means, a task too great to undertake, or asking too much of someone. I had some trouble with the sea that year.

My mother’s dreams have always been strong premonitions for important moments in my life. I rely on her dreams more than any religion.