Meet the Filmmakers

Arts Court: Theatre

OIAF Artistic Director Chris Robinson moderates a revealing, moderately amusing, and occasionally silly open forum that connects audiences and filmmakers, and allows for deeper insight into the creative thinking behind some of your favourite Festival films.


Short Film Competition 1 – Thursday, Sept 21, 9:30am


Attending filmmakers:

Winston Hacking & Michael Enzbrunner, Silent Labs Launch

Kaspar Jancis, Antipolis


Short Film Competition 2 – Friday, Sept 22, 9:30am


Attending filmmakers:

Gina Kamentsky, Foot Print Shop

Daniel Gies, Return to Hairy Hill

Anton Cla, Cyclepaths

Janet Perlman, The Girl with the Red Beret

Em Cooper, I’m Only Sleeping


Short Film Competition 3 – Saturday, Sept 23, 9:30am


Attending filmmakers:

Lucas Conway, Herzog’s Chicken

Daria Kashcheeva, Electra

Patrick Buhr, Starlight Nightcrash

Short Film Competition 4 – Saturday, Sept 23,11:00am


Attending filmmakers:

Terril Calder, A Bear Named Jesus

Martina Mestrovic, Her Dress for the Final

Chaerin Im, I am a Horse

Lucija Mrzljak, Eeva

Short Film Competition 5 – Sunday, Sept 24, 9:30am


Attending filmmakers:

Alexandra Myotte & Jean-Sebastian Hamel, A Crab in the Pool

Moïa Jobin-Pare, Family Albums

Tomek Popakul & Kashmiri Ozeki, Zima

Eirini Vianelli, Ready

Ben Meinhardt, Living the Dreams

The Art of Wasting Time

Arts Court: Studio
Satuday, September 23, 6:00pm

Plotlessness, wordlessness, slowness, alienation, transcendental cinema in the short animated format? Faiyaz Jafri will discuss the importance of procrastination in the creative process and the deconstruction of linearity to create new visual experiences. Art is suffering, and that is OK. This a film-infused masterclass in making boring long films in the short film format.

Meet NFB Animation & Interactive Studio

Arts Court: Theatre
Sunday, September 24, 11:30 am


The NFB English Program Animation and Interactive Studio is celebrating 20 years of its flagship mentorship program called HOTHOUSE. We’re using this milestone as an opportunity to invite you into our process. Join some of the producers and directors for an informal show-and-tell about how we work and how you can work with us. 

Rob McLaughlin, Executive Producer
Jelena Popović, Producer
Maral Mohammadian, Producer
Torill Kove, filmmaker
Eva Cvijanović, filmmaker

Animation Exposé Artist Talks

Saturday, September 24
National Arts Centre

Animation Exposé is a series of daytime events curated to enhance your experience and understanding of the world of animation. While some programming is geared toward the animation industry, the Artist Talks, recruiting opportunities, and sketching activities are all interesting to anyone looking to learn what’s new in animation, meet inspiring creators, find a way to study animation, or even connect with their dream job at a leading studio.

Get the ultimate animation experience at Animation Exposé! Meet the wizards behind the curtain at the Artist Talk Series, showcasing artists from your favourite projects, including never-before-seen surprises and tips on a career in animation! Talks take place in the Canada Room of the National Arts Centre (NAC).

Animation Exposé schedule of talks and activities ➝

Art + Biz Day: BRIC @ TAC

Friday, September 22
National Arts Centre: Canada Room
Passholders Only

In partnership with BRIC Foundation, all passholders are welcome on Friday, September 22, for Art + Biz Day: BRIC @ TAC – Helping all creators find their career path.  Held in the Canada Room at the National Arts Centre, Art + Biz Day includes a full morning of programming focused on breaking, reinventing, impacting, and changing the animation industry. Start your morning with a Networking Breakfast presented by Canada Media Fund (CMF), and coffee service courtesy of Nickelodeon.  The day kicks off with a keynote presentation featuring Kris Wimberly, co-founder and Head of Creative for Studio Smokescreen, and moderated by BRIC’s Alison Mann discussing Kris’s career pathway in animation from a service position at Disney to founding his own animation studio. Stay for A Spotlight on ONLY YOU: An Animated Shorts Collection. Filmmakers from the Max x WBD Access Animated Shorts Program, reflect on the process to get their films made and distributed and how this has changed their careers and artistic practice.  Finally, Alison Mann, will lead an inspiring talk about how to build a personal brand and navigate your personal career pathway. Also, get feedback on your demo reel from industry experts at the Meet a Mentor Sessions.  These one-on-one meetings will create access for underserved groups to network, have their work reviewed and get valuable feedback.  

Art + Biz Day schedule ➝