OIAF Grand Prize Winners
2004 Ryan (Canada) Chris Landreth, independent
  A Room Nearby (USA) Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, commisioned
  This Land (USA) Gregg & Evan Spiridellis
2002 Home Road Movies (UK) Robert Bradbrook
2000 Ring of Fire (Germany) Andreas Hykade

Drawn From Memory (USA) Paul Fierlinger, commissioned

Romanov (USA) Chris Lanier, internet
1998   The Night of the Carrots (Estonia) Pritt Pärn
1996   The Bird in the Window (Russia/USA) Igor Kovalyov

The Simpsons “Homer 3D” (USA) Tim Johnson
1994   The Wrong Trousers (UK) Nick Park
1992   Two Sisters (Canada) Caroline Leaf
1990   Hen, His Wife (USSR) Igor Kovayov
1988  The Man Who Planted Trees (Canada) Frederic Back
1986   The Frog, the Dog, and the Devil (New Zeland) Bob Stenhouse
1984   Chips (Poland) Jerzy Kucia
1982  Crac (Canada) Frederic Back
1980   Ubu (UK) Geoff Dunbar
1978   La Traversee de l'atlantique a la rame (France) Jean-François Laguionie
1976  The Street (Canada) Caroline Leaf


SAFO Grand Prize Winners
2003  The Son of Satan (USA) Jean-Jacques Villard
2001  Dog (UK) Suzie Templeton
1999  Grace (USA) Lorelei Pepi
1997   We Lived in Grass (Germany) Andreas Hykade


SAFO Best School Winners
2003   Turku Arts Academy (Finland)
2001   Royal College of Art (UK)
1999   Royal College of Art (UK)
1997   Royal College of Art (UK)