Note: times or locations may change.
9:00 am   Meet the Filmmakers (Arts Court CAO Room)  
    Masterclass with Michael Dudok de Wit (NAC 4th Stage)  
10:00 am   Teen Workshop (Canada & the World Pavilion) FREE  
11:00 am   Kids Showcase (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Short Competition 4 (Bytowne)  
    Animarket Opens (NAC Lobby)  
    Workshop: The Animated Characters of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (National Gallery)  
    Workshop: Abstracting the Hyper-Real (NAC 4th Stage)  
1:00 pm   Short Competition 6 (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Pee-wee Herman's Playhouse Animation (Bytowne)  
    Kids Competition (National Gallery)  
    Animarket (NAC Lobby)  
2:00 pm   Teen Workshop (Canada & the World Pavilion)  
3:00 pm   Paul Bush Retrospective (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Short Competition 1 (Bytowne)  
    Canadian Film Showcase (National Gallery)  
    Animarket (NAC Lobby)  
    Workshop: Autodesk 3ds Max & Combustion (NAC 4th Stage)  
5:00 pm   Workshop: Creating Compelling Characters (NAC 4th Stage)  
7:00 pm   Closing Awards Ceremonies (NAC Southam Hall)  
8:00 pm   Best of the Festival (NAC Southam Hall)  
10:00 pm   Closing Night Party / Chez Ani (Arts Court - Club SAW)