Note: times or locations may change.
8:30 am
  Animarket Opens (NAC Lobby)  
9:00 am   Meet the Filmmakers (Arts Court CAO Room)  
    Technology Forum: Setting Up a Production Pipeline (NAC 4th Stage) FREE  
    Career Day: Gateway to Success: Where to Start (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby) FREE  
    Workshop: Scriptwriting Masters Program (Lord Elgin Hotel, Lady Elgin Room)  
    Workshop: Kids, Cartoons and Hero Culture (Arts Court - Club SAW)  
10:00 am   Kids Workshop (Canada & the World Pavilion) FREE  
10:30 am   Career Day: Vancouver Film School (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby)  
11:00 am   Kids Competition (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Short Competition 3 (Bytowne)  
    DIY: Pioneers of Canadian Independent Animation (National Gallery)  
    Technology Forum: Toon Boom Animation (NAC 4th Stage)  
    Workshop: Selling Your Shorts (Arts Court - Club SAW)  
11:30 am   Career Day: Capiliano College and Emily Carr Institute (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby)  
1:00 pm   Pink Panther: In the Pink (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Short Competition 2 (Bytowne)  
    Feature Competition: Empress Chung (National Gallery)  
    Animarket (NAC Lobby)  
    Workshop: Balancing Copyright and Creativity (Arts Court - Club SAW)  

1:30 pm

  Technology Forum: Autodesk (NAC 4th Stage)  
    Career Day: Animation Arts Centre - Seneca College (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby)  
2:00 pm   Kids Workshop (Canada & the World Pavilion)  
2:30 pm   Career Day: Max the Mutt (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby)  
3:00 pm   Short Competition 4 (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Feature Competition: Frank and Wendy (Bytowne)  
    Contemporary Slovakian Animation (National Gallery)  
    Animarket (NAC Lobby)  
    Technology Forum: MAXON (NAC 4th Stage)  
    Workshop: Art Grants: Free Money? (Arts Court - Club SAW)  
3:30 pm   Career Day: Sheridan College (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby)  
4:30 pm   Technology Forum: Apple (NAC 4th Stage)  
    Career Day: Algonquin College (NAC Southam Hall Amphitheatre Lobby)  
5:00 pm   Internet Competition (Arts Court - Club SAW)  
    Book Signings: The Animated Movie Guide by Jerry Beck (Chapters on Rideau St.)  
    Book Signings: Satiro-Plastic: The Sketchbook of Gary Panter (Chapters on Rideau St.)  
7:00 pm   Pee-wee Herman's Playhouse Animation (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Feature Competition: The District (Bytowne)  
    Jerry Beck's The Worst Cartoons Ever (Barrymore's Music Hall)  
9:00 pm   Short Competition 5 (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Jerry Beck's The Worst Cartoons Ever (Barrymore's Music Hall)  
11:00 pm   Saturday Night Party (Barrymore's Music Hall) PASSHOLDERS ONLY!  
    Chez-Ani (Arts Court - Club SAW)