Saturday, September 24, 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm
(Barrymore’s Music Hall)

If Ed Wood were an animator, these are the cartoons he would have made. A selection of some of the worst animated films ever made, including such travesties as Super President (a one-man weapon of mass destruction), Mighty Mr. Titan (a heavy-handed limited-animation piece of cold-war physical fitness propaganda), Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero (the lamest space cadet ever created), Clutch Cargo (he with the live-action lips), Canada's own Rocket Robin Hood (and his strange band of "Merry Men"), Rankin-Bass's King Kong (move over Peter Jackson!), Spunky & Tadpole (a clueless kid and his retarded bear pal)... and Bucky & Pepito (hands down, the worst cartoon series ever made).