Gail Noonan Cartoonan Films
Art Grants: Free Money?

Originally from Eastern Canada, Gail Noonan made a slow westward migration to Mayne Island on the west coast. After a compressed two years of study at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Noonan moved into the world of film animation. Award-winning Noonan of Cartoonan Films is now one of Canada’s most acclaimed independent animators. She combines her interest in drawing with music, sound and storytelling to create engaging humourous short animations on everything from body image, menopause, and square dancing to lost mittens. Her film The Menopause Song (1996), was featured at Festivals around the world. More Sensitive (2003), her latest work, features hand coloured photographs, cut-outs, plasticine, drawing on paper and cel, and optical effects; this film provided no end of opportunity for experimentation.