Michael Fukushima National Film Board of Canada
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Michael Fukushima has been directing and producing animation films since 1984- independently, commercially and for the NFB. On the strength of his first auteur film, Tako, Fukushima was invited to the National Film Board's Animation Studio in 1990. Two years later, he completed the award-winning animated documentary Minoru: memory of exile. For several years he also taught at Concordia University, in Montreal. Fukushima's credits as an NFB producer reflect the eclecticism and diversity of his own tastes, ranging from abstract animation to kids’animation to documentaries, interactive web productions and more. His most recent productions include the Animation Hot house project, the experimental cNote, by veteran filmmaker Chris Hinton, and John and Michael, a heart-rending tale of friendship and loss. Fukushima's current productions include a CG short on adoption and vegetables, and HA'Aki, an interactiveinstallation and film co-production with Habitat.