Presented by Embassy of Slovakia, Slovak Film Institute and Ministry of Culture of Slovakia

After Slovakia's independence 12 years ago, came a wave of creatively dynamic, sometimes cryptic and sometimes humorous films from this small but vibrant nation. Orbiting around the renowned VSMU, the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava have been many films that have gained world-wide attention. OIAF jury member Michal Struss' film In the Box, is a typical example of this new wave of animation examining the themes of entrapment and frustration while poking fun at the human condition. This amazing, thought provoking programme will shed light on these little seen films.


Friday, Septermber 23, 9:00 pm
(National Gallery)
Saturday, September 24, 3:00 pm (National Gallery)
Running time: 87:38 mins.

  The Game (Hra) [2004]
Joanna Kožuch / Betacam SP / 8:56


At Vincent (U Vinca) [2003]
Michaela Copíková / Betacam SP / 0:47


Red (Červená) [2001]
Milan Prekop / Betacam SP / 15:35


Double Invention in A Minor (Dvojhlásna invencia s mol) [1998]
Vlado Král / Betacam SP / 2:15



Today is My First Date (Dnes mám prvé randevu) [2002]
Boris Šima / 35mm / 9:36

In the Box (V kocke) [1999]
Michal Struss / 35mm / 7:03



About Two People (O dvoch ľuďoch) [1997]
Vanda Raymanová / 35mm / 9:12


Anathomy of the Thought (Anatómia myšlienky) [2000]
Peter Košťál / 35mm / 3:05


Origin of the World (Pôvod sveta) [2002]
Katarína Kerekešová / 35mm / 21:15


Super Super Man [2004]
Michal Uhrin / 35mm / 7:54