Thursday, September 22, 1:00 pm (National Gallery) 
Running time: 82:54 mins.

Tango on Saw (Tango sur scie) [2004]
Caroline Attia
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs – ENSAD / France / Betacam SP / 7:30
Pencil, pastel, 3D computer, 2D computer

In a Parisian building, Thomas's peculiar neighbour arouses his imagination.

After studying at the ENSAD in Paris, Caroline Attia got the chance to study one semester at SVA in New York. For over a year now, she has been working as a freelance illustrator. Tango sur scie is her diploma and first short film, but not the last one.

529 [2004]
Maarten de With & Niek Castricum
Academy of Arts St. Joost / The Netherlands, Belgium / Betacam SP / 6:54

A man tries to escape the drag his life has become, in ways becoming more drastic every night.


Blue Rain [2003]
Hsinping Pan
University of Southern California / USA, Taiwan / Betacam SP / 9:00
2D computer

This is a story about a little spirit who saves a flooded city and a crying soul.

Hsin-Ping Pan is a graduate student of the USC School of Cinema-Television, Division of Animation and Digital Art. She loves to draw things and move them around. She hopes that her works can bring some happiness and warmth to the audience. She is now working on her thesis film, which is about love, passion and craziness.

Vered Don’t Die and Other Stories (Vered al tamuti ve od sipurim) [2004]
Yanai Pery
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design / Israel / Betacam SP / 6:30
Pencil on paper, cut-outs, 2D computer, Flash

Every tragedy, as similar as it may seem to others, has unique moments, stories and heroes.

Yanai Pery was born in Holon, Israel in 1979. Six days after he finished serving in the Israeli Army for 3 years, Pery began studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Studying in the Department of Visual Communication, Pery graduated in 2004. "During my four years in the academy in Jerusalem I was a witness to the bombing atack on Café Moment in Jerusalem. This movie is the result of that expirience."

Room (Tila) [2004]
Niina Suominen
Turku Arts Academy / Finland / Betacam SP / 7:30
Animated Objects

Where is the line between approach and retreat?

Niina Suominen was born in 1973, and studied animation at Turku Arts Academy. She has directed a number of films throughout her studies, including Polaris (2003) and the drawn-animation Punctata (2002). The stop-motion animation film Tila is her diploma-work at Turku Arts Academy. Niina graduated in May of 2004.

Ego Sum Alpha et Omega [2005]
Jan-Peter Meier
Creature Park, Kunsthochschule Kassel / Germany / 35mm / 7:00
Pencil on paper, 3D computer, 2D computer

Being deprived of his identity, Ego Sum becomes a part of an alienated collective.

Jan-Peter Meier was born in Kehl and raised in Freiburg. After his A-levels and civil service, he worked as an intern for several companies involved in animation, film and illustration. From 1997 to 2005, he studied animation under Professor Paul Driessen, Guest Professor Michael Dudok de Wit and Professor Thomas Meyer-Hermann at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Ego Sum Alpha et Omega is his graduation work at the Kunsthoschule Kassel. Besides his own work, Jan-Peter Meier works freelance for different companies involved in animation and illustration.

Everything Was Life [2004]
Ellie Land
Ellie Land / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 3:00
Animated objects, rotoscope, 2D computer

An animated documentary exploring the practice of female genital mutilation.

Ellie Land uses experimental methods and documentary to make animated films. She gained a first class degree in Media Production at Northumbria University UK, and is currently working on educational film and animation projects with young people of different ages and backgrounds in the North East of England. Ellie is interested in pushing the boundaries of animation and documentary to explore challenging subjects.

The Deadman’s Fair (La fiera dei morti) [2004]
Francesco Vecchi
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Dipartimento Animazione / Italy / Betacam SP / 7:50
Pencil on paper, 3D computer, 2D computer

A visual representation of the Aldo Palazzeschi poem.

Francesco Vecchi was born in Parma in 1975. In 2004 he qualified in animation at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Scuola Nazionale di Cinema - Dipartimento Animazione. His animated short, Ladilui, won the Special Jury Prize Castelli Animati, International Animation Festival, Genzano di Roma 2003. His next film, La fiera dei morti has gone on to win Best Italian Digital Short-film at the Arcipelago International Short Film Festival 2005, Rome.

The Option of War [2005]
Nick Fox-Gieg
California Institute for the Arts / USA / Betacam SP / 6:30
2D computer

A soldier is taken prisoner in the night by a pack of jackals, demanding that he do the unthinkable.

Nick Fox-Gieg is a video artist and theatrical designer. His videos have been shown at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, in the Rotterdam Film Festival, and on Canada’s CBC TV. His theatrical projections have been featured in the Festival d’Avignon production Boxed In and in the short-lived Broadway musical Squonk; he's performed his live sound and video works at the Paradiso in Amsterdam and the Redcat Theater in Los Angeles. Fox-Gieg is originally from Huntington, West Virginia; he got his MFA from CalArts in 2004, and his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999.

Plan B [2004]
Michel Lefèvre
La Cambre / Belgium / Betacam SP / 9:15
2D computer

1941. A US Army secret lab. Nazi spies are there to steal a strange black box.

Michel Lefèvre was born in 1976, and studied at the E.R.G School in video/illustration and Ensav-La Cambre in animation, both in Brussels. He has directed a number of films over the years, winning the Prix de la S.A.C.D at Anima 2004 (Brussels) for his film Le Locataire (The Lodger).

Vaudeville [2005]
Chansoo Kim
University of Southern California / Korea, USA / Betacam SP / 5:10
Pencil on paper, 2D computer

A visual poem about despair, wandering and the loss of cultural identity.

Chansoo Kim worked as a graphic designer in Seoul, Korea for five years, when he decided to go on a new career path. Animation was his passion from childhood so he packed his bag and headed to California. Kim studied animation in the Division of Animation and Digital Arts at the University of Southern California, and produced short animated films using various techniques, ranging from hand-drawn to stop-motion and finally CGI. Chansoo recently finished the Animation Apprentice Program at Rhythm and Hues and is now working in 3D character animation and loving this new direction in digital technology.

Lionel [2004]
Gabriel Gelade, Medhi Leffad, Anthony Menard & Mathieu Poirey
Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image / France / Betacam SP / 2:45
3D computer

A five year old schoolboy is interviewed by the director of a documentary.


Citoplasms in Acid Environment (Citoplasmas en médio ácido) [2004]
David Gautier, Irene Iborra Rizo & Eduard Puertas
9 Zeros / Spain / Betacam SP / 4:00
Puppets, clay

A student is deadly bored during a lecture…

David Gautier graduated from l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon in 2001, furthered his education by graduating from l'Ecole Supérieure de l'Image (E.S.I), Poitiers in 2002, and received his Masters of Stop Motion Animation from the 9Zeros Animation School. His films have gone on to receive a number of awards at various international animation film festivals, such as Annecy and Animadrid.
Irene Iborra Rizo graduated in Physics from Universidad de Valencia in 1999. She has evolved to the audiovisual field with two Masters, one in Cinema and TV Scriptwriting from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and the other in Stop Motion Animation from the 9Zeros Animation School (in Barcelona too). She writes adult and childrens' scripts, and has begun making independent films and animation workshops. She is currently directing and animating an animation series for children.
Eduard Puertas graduated from Industrial Design at ESDi "Universidad Ramón Llull" in 2003, and has a Master degree in Stop Motion Animation from 9Zeros Animation School in Barcelona. He has worked as an industrial and graphic designer in a number of studios. He won National First Prize of Design Dupont 2002 in Spain for Make It Visible. In 2004, he received a professional mention for Fruites Encreuades, a packaging project for Procartón. He currently has his own design studio named Spongelab.