Thursday, September 21, 11:00 am (Bytowne) 
Running time: 89:53 mins.

Test One Two [2005]
Menno de Nooijer & Paul de Nooijer
Tri-eye / The Netherlands / 35mm / 4:50

An impromptu harmony emerges from testing a bad sound system.

Menno de Nooijer was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and earned a degree in sculpture/teaching at the Art Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands. Menno went on to Graduate studies in photography/film at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA. Winning numerous awards since 1989, Menno has had works in dozens of museums, festivals, and exhibitions.
Paul de Nooijer was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands. After attending the Akademie voor Industriele Vormgeving, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Paul has gone to win over a dozen awards, and has been selected for or involved in a long list of installations, exhibitions, shows, lectures and books.

The Last Minute (La derniere minute) [2004]
Nicolas Salis
Lazennec Tout Court, Forêt Bleue / France / 35mm / 14:45
3D computer

The temporal adventures of two twins, the first one is late and the other one is early, in a world when punctuality governs everything.

Nicolas Salis started shooting his first experimental short films while studying Arts & Litterature in College. Later, he gained experience on commercials as an assistant director, then editor, then special effects operator. He continued to spend most of his time on personal projects, where absurdity becomes the keyword. His most recent short films, R.Mertonensis and The Last Minute, have gone to several festivals around the world.

Beginning, Middle & End [2004]
Daniel Greaves
Tandem Films Entertainment / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 4:30
Pencil on paper, live action, treated backgrounds

An atmospheric film in three parts, illustrating the circle of life.

Daniel Greaves was born in Woburn Buckinghamshire, England. From 1977 until 1980 he studied animation at West Surrey College of Art. After graduating, Daniel worked as a freelance animator at many London studios before founding Tandem Films with his business partner Nigel Pay in 1986. Daniel is Animation Director at Tandem Films, and is busy producing numerous commercials as well as broadcast material and his own short film projects; and he still finds the time to go out for lunch!

Into Pieces (Aos pedacos) [2004]
Guilherme Marcondes
Brazil / Betacam SP / 1:15
Cut-outs, 3D computer, 2D computer

Have you ever had the feeling that things don't fit?

Guilherme Marcondes started illustrating around 1998, when he was still in Architecture school, and went to work with animation in 2000 at the Brazilian studio Lobo Filmes. There he was a director and animator for five years. Guilherme still does freelance illustration work while developing personal projects in different media such as animation shorts, etchings and a children's book.

Stalk [2005]
Leigh Hodgkinson
Slinky Pictures / United Kingdom / 35mm / 8:04
Digital cut-outs, live action

A dark fairy tale, where lonely Bunny has an unusual admirer whose desperate attempts to get her attention intrigues her.

After doing an art foundation course, Leigh Hodgkinson went to University in Hull in 1998 for graphic design. In 1999, Leigh started a post-graduate course at the National Film and Television School in Animation Direction where she made two short animated films, winning numerous prizes and awards. Since leaving the NFTS, Leigh has made a further three films, and in 2003, was commissioned to create a 20 second film and a number of idents to celebrate and announce the 20th Anniversary of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Leigh is represented by Slinky Pictures as one of their exclusive animation directors, and is currently working at Tiger Aspect as the art director on a new animated series.

KaBoom! [2004]
Czar.Us / USA / Betacam SP / 1:05
Animated objects

A candy-coated vision of war.

PES trained as a printmaker and made his first film when he moved to New York City after university. He started with live-action and then, inspired by the films of the great Czech surrealist, Jan Svankmajer, began to experiment with stop-motion animation. PES’s first animated film Roof Sex (2002) became an overnight phenomenon and was featured at nearly 100 film festivals worldwide, picking up some of the most prestigious awards on the circuit despite being only a minute long. PES continued building a catalogue of shorts that are currently licensed around the world as short entertainment.

The Binding of Isaac [2004]
John Schnall
USA / 35mm / 6:00
Crayon drawings, 2D computer

The Bible story of Abraham and Isaac. When is following God's will a sign of faith, and when is it headstrong folly?

John Schnall's independent films have been inciting laughs and/or nightmares for over twenty years. His films have been seen at festivals around the world, in theaters around the US, and pretty much everywhere short films are shown (for instance, his September 11th film opened Cinemax's programming on 9/11/02). He is currently co-directing JoJo's Circus for the Disney Channel.

Moonraker [2004]
Fran Krause
Animation Cowboys / USA / Betacam SP / 4:30
Cel, 2D computer, Flash

Taking pictures, collecting soil samples, an explorer and his spacesuit explore a distant planet.

Fran Krause was born in upstate New York. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, works as a freelance animator, and currently teaches animation at the Pratt Institute. He likes road trips and long walks on the beach.

Fable [2005]
Daniel Sousa
USA / 35mm / 7:00
Cel, pencil and paint on paper, photocopies, 2D computer, mixed media

A cyclical fairy tale in which a man and a woman are cursed to forever be apart.

Daniel Sousa graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design where he studied painting and animation. He worked for 6 years at Olive Jar Animation as a director and animator. Meanwhile, he also taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and produced his award-winning film, Minotaur (1999). Currently he is teaching at RISD. He is also a member of Handcranked Film Projects, a group of New England filmmakers actively engaged in the production of independent experimental films. In his films, Daniel explores mythical and archetypal narratives through animation, since these topics naturally lend themselves to surrealistic visual treatments.

True Stories [2004]
Darragh O’Connell & Nicky Phelan
Brown Bag Films / Ireland / Betacam SP / 11:30
Pencil on paper, 2D computer

No person can explain the challenges that face disabled people better than disabled people themselves.

In 1994, Darragh O’Connell established Brown Bag Films with Cathal Gaffney. In December 2001, Darragh received awards from UCLA & Screen Training Ireland in ‘Scriptwriting for Animation’ and ‘The Fundamentals of Storytelling’. He has also lectured in business and finance for Film Base’s ‘Emerging Producers’ course and at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Darragh is currently supervising the development of a number of projects, including his first feature film.

Nicky Phelan studied animation in Ballyfermot College of Further Education for four years. His graduating film, Foetus, was selected and screened in the Galway Film Fleadh 2003 in the Best New Irish Animation Short category. In 2003, Nicky designed and directed Joe’s Story, a training film commissioned by Schizophrenia Ireland. Nicky is currently working in Brown Bag Films as an Animation Director and Digital Artist. He has directed commercials for Comhairle’s Citizens Information Service, and a series for Mace in Northern Ireland, which is now being launched in the Republic.

Blindman’s Bluff (La gallina ciega) [2005]
Isabel Herguara
Promofest / Spain / 35mm / 7:16
Pencil on paper

Alone in the big city, the blind man discovers that his strength lies in his recognition of his own vulnerability.

Born in San Sebastian, Spain, Isabel Herguera holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts by Universidad del Pais Vasco. She studied at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf, Germany where she graduated with a Meistershúler from Professor Nam June Paik before receiving an Master of Fine Arts from Calarts, California Institute of the Arts. Isabel taught animation at the Escuela internacional de Cine y Television, Cuba. She is currently the director of Animac – Muestra internacional de Cine de Animacion de Lleida, Cataluña.

Tree Robo [2005]
Moon-Saeng Kim
Independence / Korea / Betacam SP / 14:03
3D computer

Tree-Robo struggles with the task of restoring a war-torn world.

After graduating from Hong-ik University, Moon-saeng Kim jumped into the television commercial industry. As a result of his work, he won numerous awards in major competitions and festivals. He then decided to make a feature film, entitled Wonderful Days (2003). Although situations surrounding the animation market in Korea were poor, he instead persevered through any obstacles, finishing the film seven years after he started. It became a new standard for Korean Animation and is now being recognized by the world. Moon-saeng currently works as Representative of Tin House.

Learn Self Defense [2004]
Chris Harding
Chris Harding Animation Concern / USA / Betacam SP / 5:05
2D computer

Five practical lessons of self-defense for the individual… or nation-state!

Chris Harding is an independent animator living in Kansas City, and started his career as a syndicated newspaper cartoonist and illustrator. He has since become convinced that animation is the most beautiful and versatile art form ever devised, and has dedicated himself to learning how to tell stories through this amazing medium.