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Saturday, September 24, 11:00 am (NAC Southam Hall) 
Sunday, September 25, 3:00 pm (National Gallery) 
Running time: 73:05 mins.

Moongirl [2005]
Henry Selick
LAIKA Entertainment / USA / 35mm / 7:56
G – Short Film Made for Children
3D computer

One night, a boy and his flying squirrel are caught by a fish and taken to meet The Girl In The Moon.

Henry Selick continues to be one of the most imaginative and innovative directors working in the industry today, always charting new territory for the art of animation and fantasy filmmaking. After studying at Rutgers University, Syracuse University and St. Martin's School of Art in London, he eventually enrolled at CalArts. Selick, dreaming of independent short films, graduated from CalArts and wound up as animation trainee at Disney. While at Disney, Selick met and befriended Tim Burton and Rick Heinrichs, two very talented artists who were to be a big part of his future. In 1986, he started his own production company, now named Twitching Images, Inc. and has directed a number of memorable spots, projects, shorts and feature-length films including A Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach.

Peppa Pig ‘Cousin Chloé' [2004]
Neville Astley & Mark Baker
Astley Baker Davies, Contender Ent. Group / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 5:00
G – Television Series for Children

Peppa's cousin Chloé comes to visit, so now Peppa has to play by someone else's rules.

Neville Astley and Mark Baker have a large number of collaborations, many of which have gone on win a wide range of prizes. Awards include Annecy 2001, British Animation Awards (BAA) 2000, Sicaf, Seoul 2001 and Fan International Festival, UK 2001 for the animated series The Big Knights. Their 1999 animated short Jolly Roger was nominated for both the British and American Academy Awards, as well as the Cartoon D'Or, and won the Special Jury Award at Annecy. They also won a British Academy Award, one of a dozen prizes and nominations awarded to their 1988 short The Hill Farm.

Gopher Broke [2004]
Jeff Fowler
Blur Studio / USA / Betacam SP / 4:18
G – Short Film Made for Children
3D computer

The tale of a cunning rodent's smashing encounter with a produce truck on a lonely country road.

Jeff Fowler is a first time director. He won the right to direct a short by winning an internal story competition among Blur Studio staff. “This was a fantastic opportunity for me and one that I could only have received at Blur,” Fowler said. “This company is unrivaled in its support and commitment to the development of artists, not only through projects like Gopher Broke, but in every aspect of our work.”

Hide & Seek [2005]
Charlie Canfield
USA / Betacam SP / 2:00
G – Short Film Made for Children
2D computer, Photoshop and After Effects

A children's cartoon made from colorful painted cut-outs and set to the classical music of Chopin's Minute Waltz.


Minema Cinema ‘Revenge is Cold' [2004]
Tim Hope
Passion Pictures / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 7:00
G – Short Film Made for Children
3D computer

A matchbox and a cactus venture from the Mexican desert to the North Pole.

After completing a degree in Theology, Tim Hope moved to London where he worked as a stand-up comedian for four years and also created the comedy techno band The Pod with Julian Barrett. He started experimenting with digital images to accompany his live performances and began to explore the possibilities of computer animation. He soon made a number of short animated personalized Birthday Cards for his family and friends as a way of saving money. His next project was The Wolfman, which won a number of festival and animation awards. Tim joined Passion Pictures in May 2000 as a director of music videos and commercials and has since directed music videos for Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World and R.E.M, among others, as well as various television commercials.

The Secret Show ‘Lucky Leo' [2004]
Tony Collingwood & Andrea Tran
Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd. / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 13:18
G – Television Series for Children
2D computer

Super secret agents Victor and Anita battle the only villain born with the lucky gene – Lucky Leo.

Andrea Tran was born in 1970. She trained as an animator in Rome, where she started her career working on animated series, commercials and feature films. Andrea carried on her training at Associates in Art, Los Angeles. After moving to London in 1997, she worked on a number of projects as a storyboard/layout artist, designer and art director. Her directorial debut was the 52-episode TV series Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! (2002), co-directed with Tony Collingwood, which she also designed. Andrea is currently co-directing the TV series The Secret Show, for which she also created the retro-inspired visual look.
Tony Collingwood trained as an animator at Liverpool Polytechnic. He went on to The National Film and Television School at Beaconsfield, England where he wrote, animated and directed his first film Rarg. After leaving film school in 1988, he founded Tony Collingwood Productions (now Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment) with producer, Christopher O'Hare and has been both writing and directing animation professionally ever since. He has directed all of Collingwood O'Hare's programmes, creating many of the original formats and contributing to the writing of individual episodes.

Shambala [2004]
Andrei Kolpin
Master Film Moscow / Russia / Betacam SP / 8:30
G – Short Film Made for Children
2D computer

A story about the place where beavers go in the next life and who Geppetto actually is.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Andrei Kolpin has been an animator since 1988, animating and directing short cartoons and television series. He has taken part in more than one hundred commercial reels and television spots, animation festivals, several big series, and feature films and has also worked as an animation teacher and character designer.

My Life As a Teenage Robot ‘Killgore' [2005]
Rob Renzetti
Nickelodeon Animation Studio / USA / Betacam SP / 11:00
G – Television Series for Children
Animated objects

Killgore doggedly tries to capture Jenny to prove to the Cluster that he would be a valuable member of their group.

Rob Renzetti moved from his home on the outskirts of Chicago to Los Angeles in 1990. After two years at Cal Arts, he worked briefly as an animator in Spain before returning to California. His credits include Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack and Robot Jones as well as the shorts programs at Nickelodeon and Hanna Barbera. In 2002 the original Teenage Robot short was given the green light to go to series.

Lunolin, Little Naturalist (Lunolin, petite naturaliste) [2005]
Cecilia Marreiros Marum
Les Films du Nord / France, Belgium / 35mm / 8:00
G – Short Film Made for Children
Pencil on paper, 2D computer

A young boy who owns two hedgehogs is completely unaware of his poor caretaking habits, until they escape.

After studying at the La Cambre School of Visual Arts in Brussels, Cecilia Marreiros Marum directed six animated films including Les ballons ne reviennent jamais (2001) and Bonhommes (2003), which were both very successful at film festivals. She works as animator on other Les Films du Nord productions such as Square Couine and Les Fables en délire by Fabrice Luang Vija. Cecilia's world deals with the disappearance of the beloved, with (black) humor, (distorted) naiveté but always with tenderness.

Opposites Jamboree [2005]
Floyd Bishop
Bishop Animation / USA / Betacam SP / 2:03
G – Short Film Made for Children
3D computer

A musical film for children about opposites.

Floyd Bishop is a computer animator with over eight years of experience in the industry. His work can be seen in industrial films, videogames, commercials, television shows, direct to video features, and feature films (including animation on Ice Age, and simulation on the upcoming film The Barnyard). Floyd recently founded Bishop Animation, a full service computer animation studio specializing in character animation.

Codename: Kids Next Door ‘Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E.' [2004]
Mr. Warburton & Guy Moore
Curious Pictures / USA / Betacam SP / 12:00
G – Television Series for Children

The true, horrible history of the genesis of the Grown-Ups vs. Kids conflict.

Mr. Warburton is the creator and executive producer of Cartoon Network's ”sooper hit original series” Codename: Kids Next Door. He has previously served as a director for Cartoon Network's Sheep in the Big City, lead character designer for Disney's Pepper Ann, and spent five years at commercial studio J.J. Sedlemaier Productions where he served as production designer on the first season of MTV's Beavis and Butthead, director on new episodes of Schoolhouse Rock and Saturday Night Live's TV Funhouse and stayed up late animating lots of commercials for various clients. Mr. Warburton started out as an intern at Buzzco Associates and afterwards as a layout assistant for Nickelodeon's Doug. He is twelve years old.

Guy Moore is a New York City-based animation director and storyboard artist. His credits include MTV's Downtown and Daria, Cartoon Network's Sheep in the Big City and 5+ seasons of Codename: Kids Next Door.