Presented by Nelvana
Wednesday, September 21, 9:00 pm (Bytowne)
Sunday, September 25, 3:00 pm (Bytowne) Running time: 86:34 mins.

Rupert and the Importance of Oral Hygiene [2005]
Elise Holowicki
Willowbrooke High School / USA / Betacam SP / 2:00
E – Elementary/Secondary Film
Mixed media

The story of a little boy who does not like oral hygiene.

Elise Holowicki is 17 years old and a junior at Willowbrook High School. Her primary preoccupation is film and theatre arts. Elise is the president of the Thespian Troupe at her school and has been in four Willowbrook productions. She is also a very active student in the art department and has participated in the advanced animation class, in which she has produced eleven short films ranging from short-form documentary to experimental. Elise has received film honours in The 2004 After Hours Film Festival and the Chicago Future Filmmakers Festival, and would like to become a director and screenplay writer.

The Curse of the Voodoo Child [2005]
Steven Woloshen
Canada / 35mm / 3:30
D – Experimental/Abstract Short Film
Engraving on film

The cycle of sex, fire and relationships—but not in that order.

Steven Woloshen was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1960. After high school in 1977, he entered Vanier College; this was an ideal environment to study alternative expressions with Super-8 film and video, something of great interest to Steven. In 1980, he was admitted to Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and specialized in 16mm independent film techniques. At present, Steven has created many animated and experimental film projects and has been invited to show his work at many festivals, screenings and galleries in his country as well as around the globe. In addition, he has been commissioned to create short animated pieces for other filmmakers, artists and events. Steven is currently living in Montreal.


Comedy Central ‘Stumpy’ [2004]
Luis Blanco & Michael Uman
INTERspectacular / USA / Betacam SP / 0:10
F – Promotional Film
2D computer, Flash

A very drunk Stumpy gets stomped on.

INTERspectacular Creative Director Luis Blanco has created branding campaigns, image campaigns and show packages in addition to his work as a commercial director. Over the last four years, Blanco held the position of Art Director at USA Network. At USA, Blanco directed a team of designers and animators helping to create and shape USA’s brand identity. Previously, Blanco founded and was Creative Director of Chelsea Design where he worked with a variety of broadcast and commercial clients.

INTERspectacular Creative Director Michael Uman has created brand and image campaigns, show packages, commercials and web design. He was responsible for directing teams of designers and animators as principal and partner in the award winning FDG Design Studios for the past four years. Previous to FDG,
Uman maintained his own design studio, Umanoid Studios, where he collaborated with a wide variety of broadcast and commercial clients. Uman is also an accomplished electronic musician who has released tracks on various compilations.

The Back Brace [2004]
Andy London & Carolyn London
London Squared / USA / 35mm / 6:00
D – Narrative Short Film Under 35 Minutes
2D computer

A chronicle of puberty, social humiliation and the perils of over-parenting.

Carolyn London was born and raised in Chicago. After graduating from Brandeis University with a theatre degree, she worked in television, theatre and film before directing animation. She can occasionally be found moonlighting as an advertising copywriter.

Andy London was born in Queens, New York and graduated from Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in painting. Before discovering animation, he was a graphic novelist and the author of Jeremy Pickle Goes to Prague, published by Fantagraphics Books.

The London’s debut animated short Subway Salvation was shown in over 20 film festivals and won numerous awards. The Londons live and work in a converted school building in Harlem, New York City. They have recently joined Bent Image Lab in Portland, Oregon as commercial directors.


Comedy Central ‘Alphose and Orville’ [2005]
Luis Blanco, Michael Uman & Nathan Jurvecius
INTERspectacular / USA / Betacam SP / 0:10
F – Promotional Film
2D computer

Two bosom buddies.

Nathan Jurevicius has been telling stories with his art for over 10 years. Since graduating from the University of South Australia with a degree in design, Nathan has worked in the fields of editorial illustration, broadcast animation, photography, short film and toy creation. His clients have been diverse including MTV, The Wall Street Journal, Coke, Warner Bros, and most recently designing mascots for the World Expo in Japan. Nathan's most notable project to date has been his Scarygirl brand - a large collection of designer vinyl toys, products and clothing. In 2003 the Scarygirl concept was optioned by Passion Pictures (famous for its Gorrilaz music clips) and is now in early development for a feature length animated film.

Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales for Twilight [2005]
Lauren Indovina & Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Rhode Island School of Design / USA / Betacam SP / 6:42
E – Undergraduate Film
Ink and pencil on paper, puppets, clay, cut-outs, animated objects, pixilation, 3D computer, 2D computer

A small Seer orchestrates a child's journey through a smarmy chateau to discover a recipe for flight.

Lauren Indovina was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Lindsey Mayer-Beug was born in Los Angeles, CA. On June 4, 2005, the girls graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI where they majored in Film, Animation, and Video. RISD has fueled their passions for craft, sculpture, character and set design and they look forward to continue developing and exchanging their creative processes with each other and others as well. They would like to thank their parents, professors, and peers for a constant exchange of energy and wish everyone good health and luck.

Comedy Central ‘Monster Munchies’ [2005]
Luis Blanco & Michael Uman
INTERspectacular / USA / Betacam SP / 0:10
F – Promotional Film
2D computer, Flash

A young Kaiju gets a surprise!


Perfect [2004]
Sally Arthur
Blackwatch / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 3:00
D – Narrative Short Film Under 35 Minutes
Pencil on paper, 2D computer, rotoscope

Jan and Brian drift apart on a sea of objects. Shiny wedding gifts tarnish and break. But can their love survive?

After receiving degrees in English and Film, Sally Arthur went on to become an animation tutor for the B.A. Graphic Design program at St. Martins College. Working on numerous films in composition and rotoscoping, Sally has also directed commercials, and is a MESH scheme finalist. She is currently living in Bristol and working with Sarah Cox as half of “Arthur Cox.”

Milch [2005]
Igor Kovalyov
Klasky Csupo / USA, Russia / 35mm / 15:30
D – Narrative Short Film Under 35 Minutes
2D computer

An eight-year old boy's discovery of love and suffering as he faces the mortality of his family.

Igor Kovalyov is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, designer, animator and director. His short films Andrei Svislotski, He, His Wife, Bird in the Window and Flying Nansen have received numerous awards and accolades throughout the animation and film community. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Kovalyov is the co-founder of Moscow’s legendary Pilot School of Animation, which has housed some of the most brilliant artists in Russia.

Hernando [2004]
Thomas Bernos, Jérôme Haupert & Nicolas Lesaffre
Supinfocom Valenciennes / France / Betacam SP / 4:00
E – Graduate Film
3D computer

A crazy conquistador's crew tries to find the hideout of the famous pirate Hernando.


Delirium Films Opening Title [2004]
Nebojsa Rogic
Helium / Serbia / Betacam SP / 0:27
F – Promotional Film
3D computer

One day under delirium conditions.

Between two trainings, Nebojsa Rogic was finding time to deliver the post and using his inborn skills to do it more quickly, but also to earn some money. A job like that didn’t require too much effort; it was more like an easy training, an addition to the real thing. He’s still running…

cNote [2004]
Chris Hinton
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 35mm / 6:45
D – Experimental/Abstract Short Film
Ink on paper, 2D computer

An exuberant synthesis of music and animation.

Chris Hinton is a multi-award-winning animator who has worked for the National Film Board, the CBC and several commercial animation studios. Born in Galt (now Cambridge), Ontario, Chris has animated, written, directed and produced over a dozen NFB films, as well as a number of animated films as an independent filmmaker.

Children’s Hospital ‘Just Right’ [2004]
Miles Flanagan
Acme Filmworks / USA / Betacam SP / 0:30
F – Promotional Film
Cel, pencil on paper, 2D computer

A little boy finds reassurance in the care of the Children's Hospital.

Multimedia animation and live action director Miles Flanagan graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic in London 1989, with a degree in Graphic Design. While still in school, he wrote, directed and animated the award-winning MTV station I.D. Angel. Soon after graduation, he signed as a staff director with Oil Factory Films in London from 1989 to 1992, where he directed numerous music videos and specials. Moving to the States, Miles signed to Acme Filmworks, and he is best known for his distinctive image manipulation and motion graphics.

Rheostatics ‘The Tarleks’ [2004]
Justin Stephenson
Trace Pictures, OZ Media Group / Canada / Betacam SP / 4:00
F – Music Video
Cut-outs, animated objects, 3D computer, 2D computer, rotoscope, live action

The Rheostatics vs. The Tarleks in an animated zombie-sci-fi-musical.

Justin Stephenson’s specialty is working in mixed media animation. He’s been busy working with his design company, Trace Pictures, doing commercials, broadcast design and music videos. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s still working on his Canadian Literary Adventure film based on the work of Toronto poet bpNichol. Justin likes steak, Bushmills and doing interpretive dance routines. He doesn’t like loud dogs in the early morning, ketchup or waiters that serve cold burgers and warm beer.

Comedy Central ‘Robogirl’ [2004]
Luis Blanco & Michael Uman
INTERspectacular / USA / Betacam SP / 0:10
F – Promotional Film
2D computer, Flash

Robot girl meets robot boy while walking their pet toasters.


The Moon and the Son [2004]
John Canemaker
John Canemaker Productions Inc. / USA / 28:00
D – Narrative Short Film Under 35 Minutes
Ink, pastel, and pencil on Paper

The difficult emotional terrain of father/son relationships, as seen through Canemaker's own turbulent relationship with his father.

John Canemaker is an independent animator and animation historian whose work has won international honors. Canemaker’s personal films, noteworthy for their visual style, are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and have been released on DVD. Canemaker has written nine books on animation history and contributes articles on animation to The New York Times. He directs Animation Studies at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.