The Ottawa International Animation Festival presents a category specifically dedicated Machinima. Started in the mid-1990s, Machinima is the practice of making animated movies using 3D game technology; specifically the video-game engines found within certain first-person shooter games. Using this technique, anyone with a computer and a game system can become a filmmaker.

A fusion of animation, puppetry, video games, and live performance within a software-driven context, Machinima allows its adherents and practitioners to create their own environments and characters and "act out" the story, with each actor's perspective being captured in "real-time" as an independent audiovisual channel, then fusing these multiple perspectives into a recordable narrative that can be distributed as a video file.

Learning as they produced, Machinima today has blossomed from the fringe-experimental into a full-fledged low-budget digital-filmmaking technique complete with its own community of makers and websites.