The Best of Ottawa 2004 – Coming soon to a theatre near you!

The Best of Ottawa 2004 is a rare opportunity to see the best of the best in animation from Canada and around the world. The program features an exciting array of award-winning animated films from the 2004 Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF).

The program showcases award-winning animation in a variety of forms consisting of animated short films, TV series and commercials, music videos, internet shorts and more.

The Best of Ottawa 2004 program features:

2004 OIAF Signal Film #1 and #3 / Éric Barbeau & Théodore Ushev / Canada / 0:50 each
The Revolution of the Crabs (La Revolution des Crabes) / Arthur de Pins / France / 5:00
Catch Me If You Can / Kuntzel & Deygas / USA & United Kingdom / 2:30
La Piccola Russia / Gianluigi Toccafondo / France & Italy / 16:30
Saddam and Osama / David Wachtenheim & Robert Marianetti / USA / 3:40
Candy Venery / Sergey Aniskov / Russia & USA / 2:30
A Musical Shop / Sonya Kravtsova / Russia / 12:30
The Shining In 30 Seconds, Re-enacted By Bunnies / Jennifer Shiman / USA / 0:30
Prudence ‘À Tort Ou À Raison' / Joris Clerte / France / 2:03
Creature Comforts ‘Cats or Dogs?' / Richard Goleszowski / United Kingdom / 8:45
Caisse D'Epargne ‘Les Triples' / Jean-Christophe Saurel & Sophie Deiss / France / 0:35
A Room Nearby / Paul Fierlinger & Sandra Fierlinger / USA / 27:00
This Land / Gregg Spiridellis & Evan Spiridellis / USA / 2:00
Son of Satan* / JJ Villard / USA / 12:30

The program is now touring across North America and will wrap up the beginning of September 2005. Be sure to ask your local theatre, school, or film organization about The Best of Ottawa 2004 program. For complete program details, click here to download the program in pdf format.

For more information on the Best of Ottawa 2004, please contact André Coutu at 613-232-8769 or

The Best of Ottawa 2004 is only a sample of the outstanding animated works screened at the 2004 Ottawa International Animation Festival. Don't miss out on the full festival experience! Join us at the 2005 Ottawa International Animation Festival taking place September 21-25.

*The film SON OF SATAN may not be included in the Best of Ottawa 2004 program at certain venues. In this case, the festival will screen the Best Narrative Short Film Grand Prize winner, RYAN by Chris Landreth.