Grand Prize for Best Film: Bird In The Window (USA) Igor Kovalyov
Grand Prize for Best Television Production: Treehouse Of Horror VI: Homer 3D (USA) Tim Johnson
Cat. A, Best Production Under 10 Minutes in Length: Joe's Apartment: Funky Towel (USA) Chris Wedge
Special Mention:
Da Da (The Netherlands) Piet Kroon
Combination Skin (United Kingdom) Anthony Hodgeson
Cat. B, Best Production Between 10 and 30 Minutes in Length: The End Of The World In Four Seasons (Canada) Paul Driessen
Cat. C, The National Film Board Prize for Best First Film: The Saint Inspector (United Kingdom) Mike Booth
Special Mention:
Estorio Do Gato E Da Luna (Tale About The Cat And The Moon) (Portugal) Pedro Serrazina
Lazarus (USA) Vanessa B. Cruz
Cat. D, Children's Animated Productions That Are Not Part of a Made-For-Televison: Katten Mons (Mons The Cat) (Norway) Pjotr Sapegin
Cat. E, Educational Productions: No prize awarded.
Cat. F, Promotional Works Produced for Film or Television: Intermax (Canada) Cordell Barker
Special Mention:
Bell Atlantic Big Deal (USA) Carlos Saldanha
M-ID: Taku-Overdrive (Karate Boy) (Japan) Isao Nishigouri
Cat. G, Animated Productions Especially Produced for Television, and Not Part of a Series: A Close Shave (United Kingdom) Nick Park
Cat. H, Animated Productions Especially Produced for a Television Series: No prize awarded.
Craft Prizes:
Special Prize for Animation: Gagarin (Russia) Alexij Kharitidi
Special Prize for Design: 1895 (Estonia) Priit Parn & Janno Poldma
Yellow Shoes (United Kingdom) Alice Stevens
Best Music/Sound Award: Normand Roger for The End Of The World In Four Seasons (Canada)
Best Computer Animation: Bell Atlantic Big Deal (USA) Carlos Saldanha
Media Prizes:
Special Prize for Drawn Animation: The Wind Subsides (Germany) Vuk Jevremovic
Special Prize for Unusual Technique: Jumping Joan (United Kingdom) Petra Freeman
ASIFA-Canada Public Prize: Hilary (United Kingdom) Anthony Hodgeson
The Norman McLaren Heritage Award: Louise Beaudet
The Gordon Bruce Award for Humor: Gagarin (Russia) Alexij Kharitidi
UNICEF Prize for Best Representation of a Vision of Children in a Healthy and Environmentally Safe World: Goldtooth (Canada) Derek Lamb & Kaj Pindal
VIACOM Canada Prize for Best Canadian Production: La Chasse Galerie (Flying Canoe) (Canada) Robert Doucet
The Zack Schwartz Award for Best Story: Hilary (United Kingdom) Anthony Hodgeson
Chromacolour Prize for Best Colour: Hilary (United Kingdom) Anthony Hodgeson
Special Jury Prize: Aardman Animations