Grand Prize: The Wrong Trousers (United Kingdom) Nick Park
ASIFA-Canada Public Prize: The Wrong Trousers (United Kingdom) Nick Park
Cat. A, Best Production Under 10 Minutes in Length: Revolver (Sweden) Jonas Odell, Stig Bergqvist, Lars Ohlson & Martti Ekstrand
Cat. B, Best Production Between 10 and 30 Minutes in Length: The Mighty River (Canada) Frèdèric Back
Cat. C, Best First Production: Altered Ego (United Kingdom) Ange Palethorpe
Cat. D, Best Production Made for Children: The Other Side (Russia) Mikhail Aldashin
Cat. E, Best Educational Productions: It's Always Me – Letter Monsters (The Netherlands) Jola Hesselberth
Cat. F, Promotional Works Produced for Film or Television: MTV Japan Top 20 Video Countdown Opening (Japan) Koji Morimoto
Cat. G, Animated Productions Especially Produced for Television, and Not Part of a Series: The Village (United Kingdom) Mark Baker
Cat. H, Animated Productions Especially Produced for a Television Series: AAAHH! Real Monsters (USA) Igor Kovalyov
Jury Prize: The Monk and the Fish (France) Michael Dudok de Wit
Best Animation: Passage (Germany) Raimund Krumme
Hotel Narcis (The Netherlands) Evert de Beijer
Best Music/Sound Award: Fight Da Faida (Italy) Vincenzo Gioanola
Best Experimental Technique: Divertimento No. 3 – Brush Works (United Kingdom) Clive Wallet
Ah Pook Is Here (United Kingdom) Philip Hunt
Best Bad Taste: My Favourite Things That I Love (USA) Janet Perlman
The Norman McLaren Heritage Award: Caroline Leaf (Canada)
ASIFA-International Award: Paul Driessen (Canada)
Gordon Bruce Award for Humour: Bob's Birthday (United Kingdom/Canada) David Fine & Alison Snowden
UNICEF Prize for Best Representation of a Vision of Children in a Healthy and Environmentally Safe World: Divine Fate (Canada) Ishu Patel
A Little Routine (USA) George Griffin
Softimage Prize for Best First Canadian Production: The Janitor (Canada) Vanessa Schwartz
Chromacolour Prize for Best Student Film: Little Wolf (United Kingdom) An Vrombaut