Grand Prize: Two Sisters (Canada) Caroline Leaf
Cat. A, Best Production Under 10 Minutes in Length: Crossroads (Germany) Raimund Krumme
Cat. B, Best Production Between 10 and 30 Minutes in Length: The Dream of a Strange Man (Russia) Alexander Petrov
Cat. C, Best First Film: Territoire (Canada) Vincent Gauthier
Cat. D, Best Children's Animated Production: The Great White Man Eating Shark (New Zealand) Euan Frizzell
Cat. E, Best Educational Production: A Is For Autism (United Kingdom) Tim Webb
Cat. F, Best Promotional Work Produced for Film or Television: Rocking the Boat (United Kingdom) Derek Hayes
Cat. G, Animated Productions Especially Produced for Television, and Not Part of a Series: Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (USA) Henry Selick
Cat. H, Animated Productions Especially Produced for a Television Series: Door (United Kingdom) David Anderson
Special Commendation: Rights From the Heart (Canada) National Film Board of Canada
Special Jury Prize: Swamp (Israel) Gil Alkabetz
Softimage Prize for Best Canadian Film: Strings (Canada) Wendy Tilby
The Gordon Bruce Award for Humour: The Lump (Canada) John Weldon
Public Prize: The Dream of a Strange Man (Russia) Alexander Petrov
Best Concept: Wormhole (USA) Stephen Hillenburg
Craft Prizes:
Best Animation: The Sandman (United Kingdom) Paul Berry
Best Design: Konservfilm (Bulgaria) Zlatin Radev
Best Story: Two Sisters (Canada) Caroline Leaf
Best Use of Music/Sound: Strings (Canada) Wendy Tilby
Media Prizes:
Best Object Animation: Screen Play (United Kingdom) Barry Purves
Best Drawn Animation: Franz Kafka (Poland) Poitr Dumala
Best Computer Animation: Gas Planet (USA) Eric Darnell
Best Mixed Media Animation: Manipulation (United Kingdom) Daniel Greaves

Best Experimental Animation:

Mona Lisa Descending the Staircase (USA) Joan Gratz
Norman McLaren Heritage Award: Jules Engel