Grand Prize: The Man Who Planted Trees (Canada) Frederic Back
Best First Work: Tables of Content (Canada) Wendy Tilby
Pencil Dance (USA) Chris Casaday

Best Educational Film:

The Quitter (USA) Paul Fierlinger
Snoppen (Mr. Dick) (Sweden) Stig Bergovist
Best Animated Works for Children, Other Than Series: Dobro Pozhalovat (Welcome) (USA) Alexie Karayev
Peep and the Big World No. 3 (Canada) Kaj Pindal
Best Promotional Material Under 5 Minutes: My Baby Just Cares For Me (United Kingdom) Peter Lord
Eyes on the Prize (USA) John Hayes
Best Animated Work for Television: Szekrenymesek Az Apoka (Tales from The Cupboard- The Grandad) (Hungary) Csaba Varga
Best Film Under 5 Minutes: Picnic (United Kingdom) Paul Vester
Technological Threat (USA) Bill Kroyer
Best Film Between 5-15 Minutes: Vesekiakat (The Happy Man) (Bulgaria) Henri Koulev
Scany (The Walls) (Poland) Piotr Dumala
Jury's Special Prize for Humour: Nice Day in the Country (Canada) Christopher Hinton
Jury's Special Prize for Original Techniques: Smatchkan Sviat (A Rotten World) (Bulagria) Boyko Kanev
Jury's Special Prize Awarded in Any Category: Lalilonska Kula (Tower of Babel) (Yugoslavia) Rastko Ciric
Transatlantic (France) Bruce Krebs
Public Prize: The Man Who Planted Trees (Canada) Frederic Back
The Norman McLaren Heritage Award: Pierre Hebert (Canada)