Category A, Less Than 5 Minutes:


1st Prize: Augusta Feeds Her Child (Hungary) Osaha Varga
2nd Prize: Luxo Jr. (USA) John Lassiter & Bill Reeves
Award of Merit: Voices (USA) Joanna Priestley
Category B, 5 to 15 Minutes Films: 1st Prize: Drawing On My Mind (USA) Bob Kurtz
2nd Prize: The Big Snit (Canada) Richard Condie
Special Award of Merit: Comet
  To Sidney Goldsmith for its technical brilliance and competent object animation.
Merit Award: Elephantrio (Canada) Paul Driessen, Graeme Ross & John Weldon
For its technical brilliance and competent animation
Award of Merit: Lagonda/A Gentle Spirit (Poland) Piotr Dumala
Award of Merit: Babylon (United Kingdom) Peter Lord & David Sproxton
Category C, Between 15 to 30 Minutes:
Award of Merit For Its Visual Poetry: Paradise (Canada) Ishu Patel
Category D, Promotion Material - Commercials, Opening Titles - Public Service Announcements Each Not to Exceed 5 Minutes: 1st Prize: Signal of the Animation Film Festival in Kecskemet (Hungary) Maria Horvath
2nd Prize: Today: "Without Bias" (United Kingdom) Richard Williams
Category E, Children's Programs: 1st Prize: Musical Instruments (Canada) Jonathan Amitay
  2nd Prize: Lucretia (Canada) Heidi Blowkvist
  For its sensitive and refine story telling.
Award of Merit: Curious George (USA) John Matthews
Category F, First Films: 1st Prize: Contrapunctus (USA) Lauren Companeitz
  2nd Prize: Quest/A long Ray's Journey Into Light (USA) Michael Sciulli
Grand Prize: The Frog, The Dog and The Devil (New Zeland) Bob Stenhouse
Public's Award (Asifa- Canada): Babylon (United Kingdom) Peter Lord & David Sproxton