Grand Prize: Odpryski/Chips (Poland) Jerzy Kucia
Category A, Films Longer Than 5 Minutes: 1st prize: Het Scheppen Van Een Keo/Spotting A Crow (The Netherlands) Paul Driessen
  2nd Prize: Anna & Bella (The Netherlands) Borge Ring
Category B, Films Less than 5 Minutes: 1st Prize: Gravitacio/Gravity (Hungary) Ferenc Rofugz
2nd Prize: Black and White (Czechoslovakia) Bedrich Vaclav
Category C, Publicity and Promotion: No Winner
Category D, First Film: 1st prize: Charade (Canada) Jon Minnis
2nd prize: No winner
Category E, Films for Children: 1st prize: Doctor De Soto (USA) Michael Sport
2nd prize: Angleterre (United Kingdom) Marcus Parker-Rhodes
Jury Awards: Xu Bang Xiang Zheng/Snipe-Clam Grapple (China) Hu Jinquing
The Boy and the Snow Goose/Le Petit Garcon et L'oie des Neiges (Canada) Gayle Thomas
Anijam (Canada) Marv Newland
Public Choice Awards: Black and White (Czechoslovakia) Bedrich Vaclav
  Anijam (Canada) Marv Newland
  The Lion and the Bull (USSR) Fedor Hitruk
  Augusta Szpepitkezik/Augusta Makes Up Her Face (Hungary) Csaba Varga
  Second Class Mail (United Kingdom) Alison Snowden
  Yu Bang Xiang Zhen/Snipe-Clam Grapple (China) Hu Jinquing
  Vincent (USA) Tim Burton
  Dreamland Express (United Kingdom) David Anderson
  L'Invite (France) Guy Jacques