Grand Prize: Crac (Canada) Frederic Back
Public's Choice Award: Tango (Poland) Zbigniew Rybcynski
Best Film Under 5 Minutes: Oh What a Night (The Netherlands) Paul Driessen
2nd Prize: Organic Canonic Icon (United Kingdom) Stuart Wynn
Best Film Between 5-15 Minutes: No first prize was awarded.
2nd prize:
Tyll The Giant (Estonia) Rein Raamat
Complex (Czechoslovakia) Milos Macourek
Children's Film: Fishing The Moon from The Pool (China) Zhou Kequin
Fire of Faust (Germany) Katja Georgi
First Film: The Country House (Belgium) Josette Janssens
  2nd Prize: Wonders of the World (Hungary) Maria Horvath
Commercial Shorts Under 5 Minutes: Pig Bird (Canada) Richard Condie
Klondike Gold (Canada) George Geersten
Special Jury Prizes: S.V.P Pollution (Canada) Graeme Ross
  Une Ame A Viole (Canada) Pierre Veilleux
  Clockwork Lemons (Canada) Steve Evangelatos
Jury Recomendations: Current Caprice (USA) Steve Eagle
  The Creation (USA) Will Vinton
  Tango (Poland) Zbigniew Rybcynski