Grand Prize: La Traversee De L'Atlantique A La Rame (France) Jean Francoise Laguionie
Category A, Films Longer Than 3 Minutes: 1st Prize: Pencil Booklings (USA) Kathy Rose
2nd Prize: Satiemania (Yugoslavia) Zdenko Gasparovic
Category B, Films Shorter Than 3 Minutes: 1st Prize: Furies (USA) Sara Petty
2nd Prize: Viewmaster (USA) George Griffin
Category C, Promotional Films: 1st Prize: Jovan "The Power" (United Kingdom) Richard Williams
2nd Prize: Underwater Kitty (USA) Bob Kurtz
Category D, First Films: 1st Prize: Labyrinth (Canada) Shelley McIntosh
  2nd Prize: Help, I am Being Crushed To Death By a Black Rectangle (USA) Carter Burwell
Category E, Films For Children: 1st Prize: Martin The Cobbler (USA) Will Vinton
2nd Prize: Jorinde and Jorindel (The Netherlands) Niek Reus
Category F, Instructional Films: 1st Prize: Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide To Better Table Manners (Canada) Janet Perlman
  2nd Prize: Harness the Wind (Canada) Sidney Goldsmith
Special Jury Prizes: 1st Prize: Hypoteza Hypothesis (Bulgaria) Henri Koulav
2nd Prize: Metamorphoses Of Mr. Samasa (Canada) Caroline Leaf
3rd Prize: Postanovka/Stage Play (Bulgaria) Henri Koulev
4th Prize: Rapid Eye Movements (USA) Jeff Carpenter
5th Prize: When I'm Rich (United Kingdom) Derek Phillips, Stan Hayward & Ted Rickley
6th Prize: Why Me? (Canada) Janet Perlman & Derek Lamb