Grand Prize: The Street (Canada) Caroline Leaf
Category I, Films Longer Than 3 Minutes: 1st prize: Dedalo (Labyrinth) (Itlay) Manfredo Manfredi
2nd Prize: Dezinfekcija (Disinfection) (Yugoslavia) Ante Zaninovic
Category II, Films Shorter Than 3 Minutes: 1st Prize: Symbiosis (Canada) David Cox
2nd Prize: Tekenfilm (Cartoon) (The Netherlands) Niek Reus
Category III, Promotional Films and Ads: 1st Prize: Tic Tac "Bell Boy" (United Kingdom) Richard Purdum
2nd Prize: Dinosaur (USA) Kurtz & Friends
Category IV, First Films: 1st Prize: Toilette (USA) Joan Freeman
  2nd Prize: The Muse (USA) Paul Demeyer
Category V, Films for Children: 1st Prize: Le Marriage du Hibou (The Owl That Married the Goose) (Canada) Caroline Leaf
2nd Prize: Altato (Lullaby) (Hungary) Gyorgy Osonka
Category VI, Instructional Films: 1st Prize: Teacher Lester Bit Me (Canada) Lynn Smith
Special Jury Prize: Le Paysagiste (Mindscape) (Canada) Jacques Drouin
A special Hommage was made by the Jury to Lotte Reiniger, for her outstanding contribution to the art of animation, and in recognition of her most recent work, Aucassin and Nicolette.