The Nelvana Grand Prize: Son of Satan (USA) Jean-Jacques Villard; California Institute for the Arts
Grand Prize, Best School: Turku Arts Academy, Finland.
  For exhibiting a high level of consistency and diversity.
Best First Film: The Stone of Folly (Canada) Jesse Rosensweet; Sweet Thing Production/National Film Board of Canada
  Chosen for "its interpretation of a medieval misconception and its intelligent and atmospheric execution."
The National Film Board of Canada Award for Best Graduate Film: Le Faux Pli (France) François-Xavier Lepeintre, Antoine Arditti, & Audrey Delpuech; Supinfocom
Selected for "its personal use of 3D computer animation to create a truly original and absorbing world."
Best Post-Secondary/Undergraduate Film: Cats (USA) Chris Choy; California Institute for the Arts
For it's "excellent sense of timing and visual impact" in the telling of a cats' rebellion.
Best High School Film: What! (USA) Rocco Pisano; Willowbrook High School
  For its "raw energy, inventiveness, and pure expression of individuality."
Best Children's Film: "For the children's mature articulation of personal situations, and in appreciation of their optimism while confronting difficult issues," the jurors decided to share the award between two films:
  Paz Em Jacarezinho (Peace in Jacarezinho, Shanty Town) (Brazil) Various Students; Multirio/ Ciep Vinicius de Moraes/Ciep Patrice Lumuba
  Joey's Adventure (Scotland) Various Students; Braehead Primary School
Honourable Mentions: Crouching Ninja, Hidden Snowman (Canada) Aidan O'Hara
  Crimenals (USA) Gregory Araya; University of Southern California
  Hôtel du Phare (France) Tugdual Birotheau; ENSAD
  How to Cope with Death (United Kingdom) Ignacia Ferreras
The ‘Gouda Special' Award: The Big Cheese (USA) Pallas Bane
Honourable Mention for the Funniest Educational Film: Proper Urinal Etiquette (USA) Kurt Nellis; Rochester Institute of Technology