Beth Stevenson Partner, Executive Producer, DECODE Entertainment
Planet Sketch: A Co-production Case Study

Beth Stevenson oversees all of DECODE’s development and production activities as well as the company’s Consumer Products division. Beth is currently working on Planet Sketch, a new animated series co-produced with Aardman Animations Ltd., Naturally Sadie , a new live action series for children, Bromwell High , an animated adult series co-produced with Hat Trick Productions and Delilah & Julius , a new animated series for children. Beth has also been the Executive Producer on Radio Free Roscoe, Franny's Feet , Undergrads co-produced with MTV, Angela Anaconda , The Hoobs co-produced with Henson and Watership Down . Beth joined DECODE from Alliance Multimedia where she co-produced Captain Star and was the Alliance Executive for Reboot and Beast Wars.