Trent Smith Director & Partner, Asia Pacific Research Position
Growing Markets: Focus on Singapore

Trent Smith is Director and Partner at APRP, a boutique management consulting firm that services firms in the interactive games and animation space across Asia Pacific and North America. For more than ten years, he has combined his expertise in philosophy, investment management, technology focused research and corporate strategy to help organizations build alternative yet sustainable and profitable enterprises. Prior to founding APRP, Trent worked for a variety of financial services firms, working to unlock the power within the nexus of technology, strategy and finance. APRP has worked with Canadian organizations including Mainframe Entertainment, BioWare Corp, New Media BC and the NRC.To this end, APRP acts as a bridge between Asia Pacific and North America by providing three core services: Research (strategic planning, competitive intelligence, market mapping, business model benchmarking); BusinessDevelopment (business matching, due diligence - corporate and financial, negotiation facilitation); Strategy and Operations (market entry strategy,business rescue/restructuring, project fund management and investment).