Adam Shaheen Owner & Executive Producer, Cuppa Coffee Animation
Boutique Studios: Reinventing the Scene
Fast Track Session 2

Having trained in London as an illustrator and photographer, Adam Shaheen made the jump from editorial illustration to the world of animation and broadcast design. Since founding the company in 1992, Shaheen has established the company as a leader in producing smart, entertaining television that broadens horizons.Cuppa Coffee produces an endless array of high-end animation and design ideas, treatments and solutions. Founded on the principle of integrating traditional craft with progressive design and technology, Cuppa Coffee continues to deliver award-winning broadcast design and commercial production, working collaboratively with a diverse range of international agencies and networks.
Meet with Adam at Fast Track Session 2 (Thursday, September 22, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm)

1. What kinds of projects do you do?
Cuppa Coffee does commercials, series, features, shorts, etc.

2. What animation techniques do you commonly use?
Stop Motion, Cel, Flash, Mixed Media, Live Action Mix

3. What is your target audience demographic?
Preschool through Adult

4. What are you currently working on?
Tigga and Togga - A Preschool series that introduces the audience to communicating through sounds and music. Bruno and the Banana Bunch - A spin off series from the Nick Worldwide hit Bruno. We also are in Production with JoJo's Circus, Little People and Celebrity Death Match

5. Do you partner with independent directors?

6. Are you interested in co-productions/co-ventures?

7. Have you been involved in international co-productions/co-ventures in the past?

8. What is your favourite animated show on TV right now? (aside from your own work!)
Family Guy

9. What new shows/ technologies/ approaches are you excited about and, perhaps, thinking of getting into?
Cuppa Coffee has emerged as now the largest Stop Motion studio in the world, currently shooting 4 stop - Motion series, the commitment is there to continue to support that operation. We are also growing our Flash studio currently in production for 2 series. New innovations and technologies are no substitute for good work and clever writing, so we are not looking at technology to drive the boat. If it presents itself we look at it from a perspective of easing the high workload rather than creating a show based on its function.

10. What is your company’s philosophy?
Cuppa Coffee Studios has a crew of over 250 people and growing, currently working on 6 series with 3 other projects in development. It's becomes important with that sort of scale of operation that the "Family" atmosphere the company always had from its start is maintained. So company functions a sense of self is instilled to all who work there that each and every person has a valuable contribution to what we do. Each show is overseen by a specific crew, there is no crossover on shows this maintaining a manageable, friendly and fun environment. Doing so has created the most productive environment possible