Phil Piazza Vice President, Programming - Children's TV, Corus Entertainment
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Fast Track Session 1

Phil Piazza is the Vice President Programming, Children’s Television for Corus TV. He has worked in the television industry for a number of years in various areas including program acquisitions, scheduling, sales, marketing, production and development, and programming. A graduate of the Banff Television Executive Program, Phil came to Corus from CTV Specialty Television, where he worked in progressively senior roles at TSN. Most recently, as Director, ESPN Classic Canada, he was responsible for the day-to-day operation and financial performance of the Network, as well as its actual launch as a digital tier network. Prior to this role he was Manager of Acquisitions & Scheduling for TSN, from where he quickly advanced to Senior Manager of Programming. As the Vice President of Children’s Programming at Corus, Phil oversees the development and execution of program strategies for YTV, Treehouse and Discovery Kids.

Meet with Phil at Fast Track Session 1 (Wednesday, September 21, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm)

1. What are your animation programming blocks and the audience demographic for each?
We don’t have specific Animation blocks as YTV is not 100% animated. However we do have program blocks as follows:

Mon to Fri 4pm – 6pm : “The Zone” Our programming in the zone is typically targeted at kids 6 – 11 years of age and are for the most part Comedy based programs

2. How many hours do you program per year?
We’re a 24hr network

3. How many hours of new programming do you acquired per year?
It fluctuates each year depending on our needs however we have a condition of license to produce at least 90 hours of Canadian Independent Production

4. Where do you generally find your new shows?
Through our network of Independent producers and program suppliers

5. What are some of your recent acquisitions?
Unfabulous, Catscratch – Nickelodeon, Caption Flamingo – Breakthough Entertainment, Adrenalini Brother’s– Studio B, Erky, Perky – CCI Entertainment, Jane & the Dragon - Nelvana

6. What kinds of shows are you currently looking for?
Non-gender specific comedies that will have cross demo appeal

7. What new shows/ technologies/ approaches are you excited about?
High Definition