David Kwok Chairman, Singapore Animators Connection
Growing Markets: Focus on Singapore

As Founder and Chairman of the Singapore Animators Connection (SAC), David Kwok is a strong advocate for the development of the 3D animation industry in Singapore and is responsible for setting the strategic framework for the association to address the industrial and educational concerns of its members. As one of the early pioneers in the Singaporean CGI industry, he has participated in its growth and the evolution of the artistic skills of Singaporean artists to levels of technical and aesthetic sophistication that meet global industry standards. Over the years, he has led the drive for the association to develop expertise in the areas of production pipeline planning, production skills development, manpower resource development, as well as critical business knowledge required for the development of the CGI industry in Singapore. Over the years, SAC has been working in close collaboration with the Singapore animation institutions, related bodies and people from the industry to promote the Singapore 3D animation industry. The association now numbers more than 100, including Singaporean members based in China, Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, UK, US and Canada.