Peter Gal Director, Development and Animation, Nickelodeon
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Peter Gal is Director of Animation Development for Nickelodeon. In his current role, Peter develops new animated series for Nickelodeon and oversees the Nickelodeon Cartoon Inkubator shorts program. He joined Nickelodeon in late 2003 after serving as a development executive at Walt Disney Television Animation and at Disney Channel. Prior to entering the entertainment industry, Peter was a corporate attorney with the firm of Dewey Ballantine, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender. Born in New York City, Peter graduated from Tufts University with a BA degree in Anthropology. He received his JD degree from the University of California—Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. Peter also studied anthropology and literature at Oxford University. He resides in Los Angeles.

Meet with Peter at Fast Track Session 2 (Thursday, September 22 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm)

1. What are your animation programming blocks and the audience demographic for each?
I develop new animated series for 6-11 year-olds for Nickelodeon.

2. Where do you generally find your new shows?
Almost exclusively from writers and artists who pitch directly to us. We also take pitches from producers and studios.

3. What kinds of shows are you currently looking for?
Shows with incredibly rich, unusual and FUNNY characters. High concepts are fine but at the end of the day it is all about great characters and great storytelling at Nickelodeon, regardless of the genre. Whether human or animal, comedy or adventure, traditional animation or CGI, we are looking for the most interesting, complex and funny characters out there.

4. What are you NOT looking for?
Shows that are very soft and safe aren't sophisticated enough comedically and in terms of POV to connect with contemporary kids; traditional "boys action" shows that are all about fighting; shows that are designed from the ground up to sell toys or otherwise emphasize consumer products at the expense of characters and stories; shows with adult leads that lack a strong kid POV.

5. What new shows/ technologies/ approaches are you excited about?
We are developing shows in 2D, 3D, Flash, stop motion and even puppets. We are constantly looking to push the envelope on design and technological innovation. We are interested in people who can use technology or a combination of technologies in any way to make a show really extraordinary looking.