Patricia Ellingson Creative Head of Children's, Youth and Lifeskills Programming, TVOntario
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Patricia Ellingson has been the Creative Head of Children's, Youth and Daytime Programming since October, 1998. Before that Patricia assumed the role of Acting Head of Children's Programming for nine months. Children's Programming is the cornerstone of TVOntario's commitment to educational broadcasting. It encompasses over 70 hours of TVO's weekly scheduling. Patricia Ellingson is also the Creative Head of the lifeskills programs including the daily More to Life, Planet Parent, and 2nd Opinion, She also assumes the role as Executive Producer various TVO productions including Reach For The Top, Spelling Bee of Canada Championships, 2nd Opinion, Youth Documentaries including Jambo Kenya and Sweatin’ It, VOX and VOX Talk. International co productions include Peep and the Big Wide World, Miss BG, Swap TV, CGKids, and numerous international co productions. Patricia Ellingson was responsible for the convergence of TVO children’s television and new media teams and rebuilding the website. Since this convergence this one of a kind site has gone on to win many awards and is an example of what can happen when you blend entertainment and education. Prior to coming to TVOntario she directed over 500 one-hour episodes of The Journal; from 1988-92, and from 92-94 was Director/Coordinating Producer of CBC Prime Time News. From 1978-87 she was with BCTV where she directed more than 1000 episodes of Webster, the 90-minute live talk show.

Meet with Patricia at Fast Track Session 1 (Wednesday, September 21, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm)

1. What are your animation programming blocks and the audience demographic for each?
We are on the air Monday to Friday from 6am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm. Saturday and Sunday 6am to noon. We have approx. 60% animation.

2. How many hours do you program per year?
Approx. 5000 per year

3. How many hours of new programming do you acquired per year?
Varies greatly from year to year. Have to say we are acquiring less. Focusing on development and Canadian Content.

4. Where do you generally find your new shows?
Primarily From the US, UK, and of course Canada.

5. What are some of your recent acquisitions?
Miss BG - co production with Breakthrough Productions, Peep - Nine Story entertainment, Tutenstien - Porchlight, Gordon Gnome- Collingwood O'Hare

6. What kinds of shows are you currently looking for?
Preschool. School age (6-9 years) Animation and live action

7. What are you NOT looking for?
Teen/Youth programming

8. Have there been, or will there soon be, changes to your development/programming structure?
Our morning block was just extended