Carlton Chiew CEO, Illuminations Media
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Carlton Chiew is CEO of Illuminations Media Pte Ltd, a 3D animation production company established in 2004 to create, produce and deliver children’s animation programmes that are both entertaining and educational. After a stint in the finance sector, he pursued his passion for working with children. He is currentlyinvolved in managing companies that provide enrichment programmes for children and operate preschool centres. On that front, Illuminations was founded to develop quality animation content and programmes for children. Carlton’s first pilot episode was completed in mid-2005 and was partially supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Illuminations Media Pte Ltd believesin the importance of building character values and strong learning foundations in young children through a mix of play and entertainment. Its programmes provide a variety of creative and intellectually stimulating content that encourages exploration and relationship building, thereby instilling those positive values that will shape the promising futures of young audiences.