Raquel Benitez Rojas Chief Executive Officer, Comet Entertainment Inc.
Fast Track Session 1

Ms. Benitez Rojas has written software programs and books that are now considered to be the industry standard, and has worked on, directed and received accolades for many animated films. Ms. Benitez Rojas works as CEO of Comet Entertainment Inc. The company provides commercial assessments of projects in development including advice on improving the international saleability of the programme together with sales projections and finance structures and has been commissioned to do so for multinational companies. Conversely Comet Entertainment Inc offers source rights holders contractual advice on rights options granted, as well as act as venture capital investor, co producer and private investor in its own animation properties and third parties rights.

Comet Entertainment Inc. is one of the fastest-growing entertainment content development and animation production companies in North America. Comet creates, designs, builds and delivers long and short form animation content for broadcasters, online media, and game titles for next generation consoles and PC's.

Meet with Raquel at Fast Track Session 1 (Wednesday, September 21, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm)

1. What is your audience demographic?
We reach all the targets

2. How many hours of new animation programming do you acquired per year?
Normally 3 Feature films and two series (26*26)

3. Where do you generally find your new shows?
Markets and direct contacts from Producers

4. What are some of your recent acquisitions?
The adventures of Neve and Glitz (52*1). This is the animated show of the XX Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006. Tot Sapore, 81 minutes. Aida 75 minutes

5. What kinds of shows are you currently looking for?
Specially fetaure films but open to any good show . Open for copro when a broadcaster is already attached or 60% of finance in place.

6. What are you NOT looking for?
Small Shows with less than 26 episodes.

7. Have there been, or will there soon be, changes to your development/programming structure?
We are specialist in Animation Feature Films

8. What new shows/ technologies/ approaches are you excited about?
Any technology is good for us but always tight with a good script.