Zaihirat Banu Director of International Business Development, Oak3 Films Pte. Ltd.
Growing Markets: Focus on Singapore

Zaihirat Banu brings a unique blend of project management and directorial skills to all her projects. Her in-depth production experience includes The Road LessTraveled (1996), That One No Enough (1999) and Chicken Rice War (2000). Besides this breadth of feature-film experience, her projects have also included television work and corporate videos. Among Zaihirat’s many accomplishments areproducing Roda Ekonomi (1998) and The Flying Circus (2000), as well as producing 4 seasons of the award-winning Semarak Budaya (1999-2000), and even directing some of the episodes. She is co-producer of the documentary Shaw Brothers Story, with French and Hong Kong partners. Most recently, she co-directed Gods Must Be Hungry for Discovery Asia, which was the network’s highest rated programme in the last decade. In its 10 years of success, Oak3 Films has earned a reputation for film and television productions of the highest quality, from documentary projects to children’s programming, conceptualization to final completion. Oak3 Films’output has made people cry, made them laugh, and made them more informed. And that it can take pride in!