Lee Atkinson VP Animation, Cinerio Entertainment Inc.
Direct to Home Video: Strategies For Success

Lee’s experience in animation and interactive development dates back to1975. Lee has written, conceived, directed and developed products for television, feature films, education, CD-ROM, museum exhibits, kiosks, and web. Notable clients include: HBO, Nickelodeon, CBC, CTV, History Channel, Teletoon, as well as private sector and government agencies. Lee takes on responsibility for the overall direction of the products. His experience in animation ensures that each picture book translates as well as possible into an Animated Picture Book. Lee has been responsible for the Picturemation Process that allows Cinerio to produce Animated Picture Books in both a timely and cost effective manner. It is through Lee’s contacts in Industry that Cinerio is able to easily access animation and production talent that Cinerio requires in both full-time or contractual capacities.