A new addition to TAC, Pitch THIS! gives 2 producers the opportunity to pitch a show to a panel of broadcasters. This is a chance to steal all the attention and expose your show to everyone in attendance, which includes over 200 potential buyers, financiers, partners and industry gurus.

Panelists confirmed to date:
Madeleine Lévesque, Director, Original Production, TELETOON Canada
Peter Gal, Director of Development and Animation, Nickelodeon
Heather Kenyon, Director of Development, Original Animation, Cartoon Network
David Wiebe, Director of Development, Programming, Kids' WB!
Moderated by Peter Moss, Creative Consultant, Corus Entertainment

The two winning projects have been selected! Thank you to everyone who submitted.

Thursday, September 22, 11:00 am (Adam Room)

Producer: Image Entertainment Corporation (Canada)
Conceptor: Timoon Animation & Tremblay Studios (France)
Format: 26 x 22 minutes
Target Audience: 6 - 12 year olds
Animation Technique: 2D animation - Entertainment
Budget: $9 900 000 CAD
Presenters: Sylvain Viau (Executive Producer), Pierre Thellend (Production & Development Manager).

Constantine is an animated TV series about a unique little girl with an incredible imagination. Although she never leaves her strange and mysterious house, Constantine has a distinct talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her friends Gustavo, Grimmie and Gregor become the protagonists in the incredible adventures that Constantine dreams up. Through the refreshing eye of this exceptional 8 year-old, so full of wonder at the world around her, the simplest situations turn into bizarre, fantastical stories that will captivate kids of all ages. Constantine may be a tiny little girl, but her imagination knows no limits!

Thursday, September 22, 11:50 am (Adam Room)

Producer: Kidzone TV (Australia)
Format: 52 x 11 minutes
Target Audience: 6 - 12 year olds
Animation Technique: High Definition 2D
Budget: $9 500 000 - $11 500 000 AUD
Presentrs: John Cook (Series Creator), Clive Harrison (Series Director) and George J. Borsé (Executive Producer).

Gumnutz follows the adventures of Claude, a neurotic and withdrawn young Numbat, who inherits the struggling Gumnut Juice Factory from his step-Uncle Kelvin. Claude's nemesis is a fox called Hot Shot Charlie, and he and his cronies want to find the secret Formula for Gumnut Juice and destroy the factory. Hot Shot kidnaps Uncle Kelvin, the only one who knows the Formula, triggering Claude's epic journey. With an encrypted poem and a little help from his pals, Claude has to rescue Kelvin, find the secret formula, stop Hot Shot Charlie's evil plan and in the process overcome his terrible fears and shyness.