The Way You Do the Things You Do
Friday, September 24, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (Arts Court Library)
Just how does ‘independent' animation get made today? Not technically, but in terms of means. What are the models for supporting one's self while producing independent animation? How ‘independent' are filmmakers today? Are they at all? Does the term have any meaning? Where does YOUR money come from? Speakers to date: filmmakers Carole Beecher, Gail Noonan, Bill Plympton, Patrick Smith, Steven Woloshen. Moderated by Steve Dovas (Dovas Animation, Pratt Institute)
Your Criticism Sucks!
Saturday, September 25, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm (Arts Court Theatre) Is Critical Commentary of the Animated film dead? Useless? There was a time when there was a vibrant, if small, voice for popular criticism of the animated film; of Cartoons, both commercial and personal. Today, there is a large gulf between critical commentary that is increasingly impenetrable in its pedantry and, for lack of a better term, NONcritical commentary: unqualified praise for every piece of empty commercial product that is force-fed into our cultural diet. How tender must walk the publications which on the one hand purport to write about the field, while on the other hand depend on the good graces of industry for content and advertising? Does the preponderance of internet discussion lists obviate the need for legitimate widespread (and often by necessity, harsh) criticism that doesn't fall into the slots of commerce? Where are the voices of vigorous independent criticism? Speakers to date: Amid Amidi (Animation Blast), Mikhail Gurevich, Richard O'Connor (Asterisk), Chris Robinson (Animation Pimp, ASIFA Magazine), Rita Street (Animation Magazine). Moderated by Steve Dovas (Dovas Animation, Pratt Institute).
Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"?
Sunday, September 26, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (Arts Court Library)
What matters more, the look or the feel? Does CRAFT have a place in the world of the international independent animator? What are the important things to be able to do as a craftsperson in animation - and what ISN'T important? As the look of traditional feature animation has gotten slicker, as technically complex CG work has become more visually detailed, independent animation in many ways has turned to a more visceral and at times vigorously low-tech approach, while the opposite has happened in content. The slick feature work gets increasingly empty and cynical, while the lower-tech work reaches deeper and speaks more personally. An overview and discussion between the two poles... if the panelists can even agree that the poles exist. Speakers to date: George Griffin, Chris Hinton, Joseph Gilland (Vancouver Film School), JJ Sedelmaier (JJ Sedelmaier Productions). Moderated by Steve Dovas (Dovas Animation, Pratt Institute).