Career Day is a free event aimed at providing high school students and anyone 
interested in a career in animation the information and resources they need to 
make the best decision. The event includes presentations from some of the top 
animation schools in the country, as well as free animation screenings and a live 
animation demonstration.
Digital Overdrive: Animation Education in Transition
Panel Discussion: Thursday, September 23, 9:00 am - 10:30 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Students are arriving at a schools doorstep expecting to learn high-end digital tools 
immediately, and that they should be cranking out slick and flashy animation asap. 
How are schools coping with this phenomenon? How are schools guiding digital tool 
inclusion into the animation education? Are digital technologies affecting how 
animation is taught and pursued? This panel will address how some schools are 
working to cultivate an effective animation education that also responds to the need 
to educate students in current digital animation technologies. Learn about what 
some schools are thinking, what theyre doing and how it's working...or not.'
Speakers: Skip Battaglia (Rochester Institute of Technology), Leslie Bishko 
(Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design), Joseph Gilland (Vancouver Film School), 
Steve Subotnick (Rhode Island School of Design). 
Moderated by Lorelei Pepi (Harvard University).
Vancouver Film School
Thursday, September 23, 10:30 am - 11:30 am (Arts Court Library) 
Internationally recognized as a leading educator in visual arts and entertainment 
production, VFS offers one-year diploma courses in 2D Animation and 3D Animation 
& Visual Effects - and the opportunity to gain a hands-on, production-based education 
renowned for producing award-winning student work, including recent screenings at 
Annecy and SIGGRAPH. VFS programs immerse you in a high-energy environment
where you'll learn to integrate the creative, artistic and technical demands required to 
be a professional animator with your desire to create new worlds and tell impossible 
stories. To ensure the curriculum teaches you the skills employers demand, VFS 
animation programs are guided by Advisory Boards of key professionals from industry 
leaders such as Pixar, Lucas Arts, ILM, Mainframe, EA and Digital Domain.
Max the Mutt
Thursday, September 23, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm (Arts Court Library) 
Max the Mutt Animation School believes in drawing and classical skills as the
foundation for both classical and computer animation. The three-year diploma program's
first year has been planned to build a platform that makes developing animation skills to 
an industry-quality level achievable. The second and third years encompass all aspects 
of animation. The exciting fourth year post-diploma program includes Maya and a group 
film project under a professional director. Internships are arranged for those who want 
them. Mentorship, professionalism, accessibility, passion - ingredients that make Max 
the Mutt Animation School special.
Capilano College & Emily Carr Institute
Thursday, September 23, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (Arts Court Library) 
Capilano College is a publicly funded, post-secondary school located on the 
slopes of the coastal mountains in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The 
animation department was established in 1994 and has an excellent record 
of success preparing students for the animation industry. The two-year, Digital 
Animation program trains animators and designers in 3-D animation. Although 
the tuition fees are among the lowest in Canada, the quality of instruction and 
the reputation of the graduates are excellent. The annual grad show continuously 
attracts studios from across Canada in search of skilled animation artists.

Animation at Emily Carr Institute focuses on the development of innovative, 
well-rounded animation artists working with traditional studio arts, film and digital 
media. Graduates are equipped to work in animation as it is applied to 
entertainment, advertising, communication, and the independent production of fine 
art film. On the completion of the Bachelor of Media Arts degree in Animation, you 
will have created a short film reflecting your personal vision, subject matter and 
aesthetic approach to the medium of Animation.
Seneca College
Thursday, September 23, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm (Arts Court Library) 
Seneca College – Animation Arts Centre, Toronto, offers a three-year animation 
arts diploma, providing students with a solid grounding in traditional and 
computer animation. The College also offers training on various 3D animation 
Sheridan College
Thursday, September 23, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (Arts Court Library)
The Animation programs at Sheridan are known the world over for the creative
excellence of their graduates and faculty. The Bachelor of Applied Arts in
Animation (BAAA) degree transforms the Animation –Classical diploma
previously offered by Sheridan, and joins it with elements of the Computer
Animation Post-diploma/degree certificate to provide students with a
comprehensive, industry-ready skill set. Sheridan also offers Post-Diploma
Programs in Computer AnimaÍtion with specializations in Digital Character
Animation and Digital Special Effects.
Algonquin College
Thursday September 23, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm (Arts Court Library) 
This exciting two-year diploma program provides professional training for accomplished artists seeking to pursue a career in commercial animation. The program offers an intense study of animation, layout and character design. Special attention is placed on traditional animation drawing skills, story boarding, traditional film practises and a complete understanding of the anatomy. The use of computers compliments our traditional training.