Amid Amidi Publisher and Editor of Animation Blast 
Your Criticism Sucks!
Meet the Master: Fred Crippen

Amid Amidi is the publisher and editor of ANIMATION BLAST and co-founder of the animation industry blog With Bill Joyce, Amid co-wrote The Art of Robots (Chronicle Books, 2005). He also works in the animation industry, most recently on Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon.

  Drawing by Carlos Ramos
Rob Anderson Atomic Productions
Sounds Like A Blast: Recording Techniques

Rob Anderson has been working in the film industry for the past 19 years.His experience with sound varies from sound breakdown, editing and post production supervision. "I have spent most of my career learning from the mistakes of others. I now feel confident in making my own!" Projects I have worked on vary from the Raccoons to the Imax movie Cyberworld. Editing to line producing and all the fun stuff in-between! I have a great passion for films and story telling and love to discuss the philosophy of film making. Sound is a very large part of the story telling process, from sound effects to music, and is often overlooked.


Gary Baseman
Smudging the Boundaries

Gary Baseman is the creator and executive producer of the critically-acclaimed animated television show Teacher's Pet. His artwork also mucks up the pages of major publications. Baseman describes his work as "where the line between genius and stupidity has been smudged beyond recognition." His mark appears in magazines and newspapers such as Time, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, G.Q., Forbes, Blab, Reader's Digest, and The Atlantic Monthly. Even the corporate world has been smeared by Baseman's drawings. The range of international corporate clients include Nike, Gatorade, Celebrity Cruises, Mercedes-Benz, Labatt, Thomas Cook, and Capitol Records. Baseman's images also create the identity of the best-selling game "Cranium." After living in New York for ten years, Baseman has moved back to the city he was born in, Hollywood.


Skip Battaglia Rochester Institute of Technology 
Digital Overdrive: Animation Education in Transition

Skip Battaglia has been making animated film shorts for twenty years. Battaglia has received grants for his animations from the New York State Council of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Film Institute, and a Fulbright grant to teach animation at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He will return to Puebla, Mexico in August 2002 to teach at the Universidad de Las Américas, Puebla. Battaglia is Professor in the School of Film and Animation, Rochester Institute of Technology, where he teaches courses in Scriptwriting for Animation, Digital Audio Production, film history and criticism, 16mm film production, and advises on graduate MFA theses. Battaglia also makes "live action" films, paints in oil, and is a long-distance backpacker.


Signe Baumane
Sounds Like A Blast: Recording Techniques

Born in Auce, Latvia, Signe graduated from Moscow University in 1989 with a BA in Philosophy. She started work at Dauka Animation Studio in Riga as an animator and cel painter and also designed and directed several animated commercials for local TV. In 1991 she made her debut as scriptwriter, director and artist with a 2 minute animated film, The Witch and the Cow. After making numerous award-winning short films in both Moscow and Riga, she moved to New York in 1995 to work as a production manager, colour stylist and cel painter for Bill Plympton. She currently teaches animation at Pratt Institute and continues to make films, most recently Five Fucking Fables and Woman.


Carol Beecher
The Way You Do the Things You Do

Carol was born in Calgary, Alberta, April 12, 1964. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1987 with a major in Ceramic Sculpture, and became an active Producing Member of the Quickdraw Animation Society in 1990. At this time she started to seriously explore the creation of animation, and began work on her first film, a 16mm cameraless project called Ask-Me . In 1994, Carol and her partner Kevin D.A. Kurytnik invested in the creation of their own animation production company, Fifteen Pound Pink Productions. They have just finished an intense, multi-year cel animation production, Mr. Reaper's Really Bad Morning , a 17 minute film "about the uneasy co-existence between life and Mr. Death". Carol takes her role as animator and arts professional very seriously, being active in promoting awareness of animation as a viable artistic expression through QAS and the Association International du Film d'Animation, (ASIFA) where she currently serves on the international Board of Directors.

Ellen Besen Director, Zachary Schwartz Institute 
                    for Animation Filmmaking
Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds:Ellen Besen on 
Miyazaki's Spirited Away

A former faculty member of Sheridan College's School of Animation (1987-2002), Ellen Besen has been working in the field for thirty years. Highlights of her career include directing award-winning films for the NFB, film curating for such organizations as the AGO and writing for AWN. Her favorite colour is blue and her favorite food is steak and chips. She is currently director of The Zachary Schwartz Institute for Animation Filmmaking (Zed-Ed), an online school specializing in storytelling and writing for animation.

Leslie Bishko Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design
Digital Overdrive: Animation Education in Transition

Leslie Bishko is a computer animator, Certified Laban Movement Analyst and Associate Professor of Animation at Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her computer animated short, Gasping for Air, won Best Experimental Picture at the American International Film and Video Festival, and Best Animation at the Humboldt International Film Festival. Leslie integrates the rich movement theories of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) with her art and teaching, towards creating expressive movement in computer animation. Leslie's research investigates the use of animated imagery to supplement the kinesthetic pedagogy of LMA studies. Lectures and workshops on LMA and animation include the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies, the Game Developers Conference, Xbox Sports, Tisch School of the Arts and Max the Mutt School of Animation.

Fred Crippen Pantomime Pictures
Starting Your Own Production Company
Meet the Master: Fred Crippen

Fred's early animation experience was with UPA Pictures in New York City and Los Angeles. He worked on Mr. Magoo, Gerald McBoing Boing, directed animation and designed for UPA. He has his own animation production studio, Pantomime Pictures, Inc. His clients have included Sesame Street, Children's Television Network, Saul Bass, and National Geographic Television. Fred originated the Roger Ramjet cartoon series and has produced and directed hundreds of animated films for children, television commercials, and corporate motivational films. Currently Fred is directing for DIC, Sunbow, Sony Pictures, Baer Animation and Media Vision. In addition, he produced Earthquake Safety, a film featuring Shaquille O'Neal, for Peter Green Design. He also recently completed a motivational film, Peacock in the Land of Penguins and has collaborated in the production of thirteen half hour episodes of the series Book of Virtues for PBS.

Anne Denman-Wilde Vancouver Film School
Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"?

Vancouver Film School's Anne Denman-Wilde brings more than a decade of production experience to her role as Program Manager for the Classical Animation Department. Along with managing the program, Anne is also responsible for bringing in many high profile guest speakers and faculty. She represents VFS Classical Animation department at conferences and festivals worldwide. Anne has spoken on and moderated panels at Ottawa's Student Animation Festival and the Ottawa Animation Festival. Prior to working at Vancouver Film School, Anne worked as Production Co-ordinator at world renowned International Rocketship Limited Animation Studios. Her experience at Rocketship included working on both Gary Larson's Tales From The Far Side Productions. Anne is the President of the non-profit organization Women In Animation – Canada as well as being a member of Women in Film and Video and serves as a Jury member for the Teletoon Animation Scholarship and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.


Steven Dovas Dovas Animation / Pratt Institute
The Way You Do The Things You Do
Starting Your Own Production Company
Your Criticism Sucks!
Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"?

Filmmaker Steven Dovas has been maintaining a passable level of existence through the miracle of Animation production for the past 21 years in New York City. He has produced short films, commercials, station IDs and title sequences for a variety of clients, all of whom he likes very much. He is represented as a Commercial Director by Ka-Chew! in Los Angeles, and teaches at the Pratt Institute and NYU.
He loves the form of the short animated film and naively continues to believe that an idea is more important than the technology that is used to execute it.

Mark Edwards Edwards Law
Starting Your Own Production Company

Mark Edwards is the founder of Edwards Law, an Entertainment and Technology Law practice, and is Executive Producer of a number of current film and television productions. Prior to returning to private practice Mark was Chief Operating Officer, Head of Business Affairs and a Producer with Amberwood Entertainment Corporation from its founding in 1997 to 2004. In these various roles Mark established, staffed and managed the operations, supervised the accounting, headed legal and business affairs, and produced 156 half hour episodes of television animation with combined budgets in excess of $52 million.


Christian Garcia Supervisor of 3D Animation, Cinegroup
The Making of P3K: Pinocchio 3000

Christian Garcia joined CinéGroupe in 1994 as 3D Animator. Since then, he has supervised an impressive array of projects integrating 3D animation, including the 2D/3D cult movie Heavy Metal FAKK2; the 3D opening sequence of the animated classic Lion of Oz; and the live action hit series GALIDOR: Defenders of the Outer Dimension, broadcast on Fox Kids. He played a role in the genesis of Pinocchio 3000, the first full 3D feature film made in Canada that is to be released soon. Between projects, he found the time and energy to teach Softimage software at his former school, ICARI, for two sessions. Today, Christian Garcia is busy finishing the teen series 11 Somerset as well as developing Charlie Jade, a new live action production of CinéGroupe.

Joseph Gilland Vancouver Film School, Head of 2D Animation 
                         & Digital Character Animation (Maya)
Digital Overdrive: Animation Education in Transition

Head of 2D Animation & Digital Character Animation (Maya) In his 28-year animation career, Joseph has utilized his traditional and computer animation talents at such esteemed organizations as Walt Disney Feature Animation, Don Bluth Animation, Nelvana and the National Film Board of Canada. At Walt Disney Feature Animation, Joseph served as Supervisor of Visual Effects for the Disney classic Lilo & Stitch and the upcoming feature Brother Bear, where, among other duties, he was responsible for designing all 2D and 3D effects for the shows. At Disney Joseph also served as Head of Florida Special Effects Unit for the features Kingdom of the Sun and Tarzan, and was Special Effects Animator on such notable titles as Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, James and the Giant Peach, Hercules and Mulan. His broad experience also includes directing commercials, and assembling and supervising artistic teams.

Susan Gourley
NFB Masterclass with Chris Hinton and Susan Gourley

Technical expert Susan Gourley, who has worked for the NFB for over 28 years, began her career at the old film lab - a great starting point for meeting and collaborating with filmmakers. She later moved on to the optical and animation department which allowed her to discover the world of special effects and titling. Sue's expertise has included working in 35 mm, super 8, video, IMAX and with blue screen. She has worked in black and white, and colour, using traditional and digital mediums. While Sue's secret desire is to one day make a film of her own, the highlights of her career over the years have been working with many great filmmakers like Cynthia Scott, Norman McLaren, Janet Perlman, Richard Condie, Jean Claude Lauzon, Martine Chartrand, Joyce Borenstein, Denys Arcand, Diane Obomsawin, Alanis Obomsawin, Donald Brittain and others. Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis also consulted with her to add effects to their Oscar nominated film, When the Day Breaks. Simon Goulet's OÏO was a challenging project with over 5000 composite layers on one image in the last shot. Sue tries to help animators achieve their style using the available digital tools, making her one of the NFB's most trusted and respected artisans.

George Griffin 
Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"?

Griffin has been making animated experiments, flipbooks, commercials and teaching in NYC since 1969. He's currently examining his relationship to four letter words.

Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Scoring For Animation

Judith Gruber-Stitzer, born in New York City, has lived and worked in Montréal as a film composer for the past 20 years. After graduating from Trenton State University, she moved to Montréal. Most of Gruber-Stitzer's soundtracks have been composed for documentaries and animated films produced by the National Film Board of Canada. She has scored over 60 films for the NFB since 1986. Most notable among these films is the animated short When the Day Breaks, directed by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis which has won the Palme d'or at Cannes, an Oscar nomination.
Among Gruber-Stitzer's live action scores are two films, The Room and Dumb Waiter directed by the acclaimed American director Robert Altman. In 2002 she composed additional music for the Montréal ExCentris produced feature film The Baroness and the Pig by Canadian director Michael Mackenzie and featuring an original score by Phillip Glass.

Mikhail Gurevich 
Your Criticism Sucks!        

University in 1976 with a Degree in Education, Russian language and Literature. He began his professional writing career as a critic, scholar and journalist in the late 1970s. From the mid 1980s to early 1990s Mikhail published and edited a number of publication on theater and film, including the first independent Russian/English monthly Kino-Glaz on the film industry. He has published about 250 pieces in the general press and specialized periodicals, and such books as Izvestia, Literaturnaia gazeta, Teatr and Isskustvo kino.
Mikhail moved to the USA in 1992. He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford, University of Chicago and the University of Texas. He has written about animation in a number of festival publications including ASIFA Magazine. Mikhail has been a jury member at the Oberhausen Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago International Children Film Festival, and the Student Academy Award competitions. His expertise and interests include puppetry and synthetic theater, experimental and documentary film, and animation in particular.

Chris Hinton 
NFB Masterclass with Chris Hinton and Susan Gourley
Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"?

Christopher Hinton is a multi-award-winning animator who has worked extensively for the National Film Board, as well as for the CBC and several commercial animation studios. Chris has animated, written, directed and produced over a dozen NFB films, including the award-winning Blowhard (1978), Lady Frances Simpson (1978), Giordano (1985), Blackfly (1991) — which was nominated for an Oscar® — and Watching TV (1994). As an independent filmmaker, Chris has animated and directed several films including A Nice Day in the Country (1988) and Nibbles (2003), which was his second film to be nominated for an Oscar®. In addition to Flux, his latest 2002 NFB animations include Twang, a startling and ambiguous visual twang for connoisseurs of the World Wide Web, and X-man (2002).

Marcel Jean Executive Producer, French Animation and Youth Studio 
Scoring For Animation

As head of the National Film Board of Canada's French Animation Studio, a position he has held since 1999, Marcel Jean has produced such films as Black Soul/Âme noire (Martine Chartrand, 2001), Aria (Pjotr Sapegin, 2001), Pirouette/La Pirouette (Tali, 2002), Angeli (Lejf Marcussen, 2002), The Brainwashers/Les Ramoneurs cérébraux (Patrick Bouchard, 2002) and Nuit d'orage/Stormy Night (Michèle Lemieux, 2003). Before joining the NFB, Marcel Jean worked in the private sector as a director (Vacheries, 1990; État critique, 1992), film critic (for the French-language newspaper Le Devoir), professor, and author (Le Langage des lignes and Pierre Hébert, l'homme animé, published by Les 400 coups).

Friedrich Kirschner
What is Machinima?

Friedrich Kirschner attends the University of Applied Sciences Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart for audiovisual media. His numerous films have garnered recognition and awards including “Best Technical Achievement” at the Machinima Filmfest and finalists in the MakeSomethingUnreal Contest.

Chris Landreth
NFB Masterclass with Chris Landreth

Chris Landreth received his MS degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois in 1986. For three years he worked in experimental research in fluid mechanics at the University of Illinois before making his leap into computer animation.

In 1994 Landreth joined Alias|Wavefront, where it was his job to define, test and abuse animation software, in-house, before it was released to the public. In addition to well-mannered software, this resulted in the production of animated short films, including The End (1995) and Bingo (1998). Both films have received wide international recognition and numerous awards, including an Academy Award nomination for The End in 1996 for Best Animated Short Film and a 1999 Genie Award for Bingo. In his current film, Ryan, Landreth turns his attentions to a biography of animator Ryan Larkin, while at the same time challenging our notions of documentary and animation.


Michel Lemire Executive Vice President of Creative Affairs, 
The Making of P3K: Pinocchio 3000

With a foundation in live theatre and as a graduate of Sheridan College Classical Animation (1978), Michel Lemire entered the business as an animator and storyboard artist eventually assuming the roles of animation director, director, producer, and VP of production. His most recent accomplishments include executive producing Cinegroupe's new prime time 3D sitcom Tripping The Rift (SCI FI CHANNEL) and acting as executive in charge of production on Cinegroupe's feature 3D film, Pinocchio 3000 (P3K). Michel also directed and produced the animated feature film Heavy Metal Fakk2, the video features The Lion Of Oz, and David Copperfield. Additionally, Michel remains involved in all CineGroupe developments and productions. He is an active executive producer for such current television series as, Bad Dog (Saban/ FOX), Mega Babies (Sony Wonder), and SAGWA, the Chinese Siamese Cat (Sesame Workshop / PBS). Michel Lemire's past work experiences have been with such companies as Hearst Entertainment, Hanna Barbera/ Canimage, CBC/ Radio Canada, and Cinar.

Paul Marino Executive Director, Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences
What is Machinima?

Paul Marino is an award-winning Machinima and animation director/designer, having worked in this new medium for the past five years. He leads the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences as its executive director and board member. His latest work is the world's first book about Machinima: 3D Game-based Filmmaking: The Art of Machinima (Paraglyph Press, July 2004). He also leads the Academy's annual Machinima Film Festival in New York. Prior to his involvement with Machinima, Mr. Marino was a broadcast graphics and animation professional for 14 years, winning a number of industry awards, including an Emmy for his animation work for TBS.

Richard O'Connor Asterisk
Your Criticism Sucks!
Starting Your Own Production Company

Richard O'Connor has often been told "you've got a lot of opinions" and "you like to argue, you should be lawyer." Being of the opinion that a law is a corruption of our Constitutional birthright, he opted instead
for a life in animation. He's written on animation for ASIFA International, Animation World Network, The Art Director's Club of New York and in other places and publications. He has written an advice column for Jane Magazine. He has combined animation and advice by teaching at New York University and Parsons School of Design. He accepts responsibility for Asterisk, the studio he co-founded in 2003, which has created animation for The Stepford Wives, Citibank, Sharpie, They Might Be Giants and more.

Lorelei Pepi
Digital Overdrive: Animation Education in Transition

Lorelei Pepi is currently serving as a Visiting Lecturer for Animation Studies with Harvard University. She also holds an Asst. Professorship of Film/Animation with Rochester Institute of Technology in NY. Having worked for a while in LA's industry, she is glad to report that she is now much happier in the whacky land of teaching. Lorelei's student film Grace won the Grand Prize in SAFO 1999. Her current project, Happy and Gay is a 1930's cartoon musical serving as a revisionist history on prejudice.

Bill Plympton
The Way You Do The Things You Do

Born in Portland, Oregon, Bill Plympton credits Oregon's rainy climate for nurturing his drawing skills and imagination. Moving to New York City to study at the School of Visual Arts, Bill made the Big Apple his home. Working as an illustrator and cartoonist for The New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Penthouse and Rolling Stone, among others, eventually led to his involvement with the animated film Boomtown. Bill's unique sense of humour and style has garnered him international praise and awards including a 1988 Oscar nomination for Your Face and the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film at Annecy for Mutant Aliens. With a string of successful animated shorts, Plympton decided to jump into the feature film realm with live action films J. Kyle and Guns on the Clackams and animated filmsThe Tune, I Married a Strange Person, and Mutant Aliens. His most recent film, Hair High, was completed earlier this year.

Chris Robinson Artistic Director, 
                         Ottawa International Animation Festival 
Your Criticism Sucks!

Chris Robinson has been with the Ottawa International Animation Festival since 1991. A noted animation critic, curator, and historian, Chris has become a leading expert on Canadian and International independent animation. His acclaimed OIAF programming has been regarded as both thoughtful and provocative. In May 2004, Robinson was the recipient of the President's Award given by the New York chapter of animators for contributions to the promotion of independent animation. Chris also writes the controversial and widely read ‘gonzo' column called “The Animation Pimp”, for Animation World Magazine (Los Angeles). His writing has appeared in many international publications. His books include: Between Genius and Utter Illiteracy: A Story of Estonian Animation, and Ottawa Senators: Great Stories from the NHL's first dynasty. He is currently working on Hockey on The Rocks: A History of Alcohol and Hockey, along with Unsung Heroes of Animation, a profile of overlooked international animators.

Normand Roger
Scoring For Animation

Normand Roger began his career as a freelance composer in 1972 for the National Film Board of Canada. Although he has worked primarily in the domain of animation, creating well over a hundred sound tracks in the last 30 years, he has also composed music for documentaries, features, television dramas, children series, commercials, multi-media shows, new technologies such as 3D, virtual realities, moving platform rides and themes for television. Known abroad thanks to the success of the animated films on which he collaborated, (nearly two hundred prizes in international festivals including 12 Nominations at the Academy Awards of which 6 Oscars including in 2001 Father & Daughter by Michael Dudok de Wit and in 2000 The Old Man and the Sea by Alexander Petrov), he regularly works for productions in the US, Europe and Japan. He has also been invited regularly to give lectures on the theme of "Music & Sound for Animation" which remains his field of choice.

Matthew Ross Creative Director, Fountainhead Entertainment
What is Machinima?

A California native, Matthew Ross attended UCLA where he received his Bachelor of Arts in 1990. Having lived and worked in the world's film and television capital for over ten years, Matthew parlayed his post-production and special effects experience into a career in computer graphics and animation, and his work appeared on CBS, Fox, PBS, Sci-Fi Channel and TNT. In 2000 he moved to Dallas, Texas to take on the position of Creative Director at Fountainhead Entertainment where his primary responsibilities range from 3D modeling and animation to video editing. Fountainhead's works have been seen on MTV, TechTV, SpikeTV and various international programs.

J.J. Sedelmaier
Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"?

J.J. Sedelmaier Productions has always garnered attention for the innovative work it does: high profile productions (Beavis, SNL, Letterman, The Daily Show, etc.), seemingly modest pieces (Episcopal Church), and everything in-between (Quilted Northern Quilters, Volkswagen, FootJoy, etc.). J.J. Sedelmaier regularly guest lectures at a variety of schools.

Patrick Smith
The Way You Do The Things You Do

Self-taught animator Patrick Smith made his directorial debut in the stylistic animated series Down Town for MTV Networks. He went on to direct a few seasons of the popular series Daria and direct several commercials before making the move to independent films full time. Smith's first professional film Drink has been in over 50 film festivals worldwide, including the 2001 Spike and Mikes "Classical Animation" Collection. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Time Out NY, Animation World Magazine, and Film Threat to name a few. In 2001, Smith founded Blend Films, his Tribeca NYC art studio that primarily produces his independent films. Today, the 32-year-old animator is writing his first feature, and animating his fifth independent short. Smith is also the creator of the Zoloft Dot character, which he conceived under the influence of alcohol, a known depressant.

Howard Sonnenburg Atomic Productions
Sounds Like A Blast: Recording Techniques

Howard Sonnenburg has spent the last 20 years studying the Audio Arts... "and I almost have it right by now!"

Howard has spent time in the music industry, film television and theatre. He has worked on projects ranging from Kevin Spencer and Hoze Houndz to the Three Amigos, as well as feature films, and more
television shows than he cares to remember... In addition he taught te Audio-Post course at Algonquin for two years.

George Lucas once said "Sound is 50% of the motion picture experience" ,yet so often sound is overlooked or treated as an afterthought. Howard is always pleased to be able to share his passion for audio with others.

Rita Street Animation Magazaine
Your Criticism Sucks!

As a journalist, Rita has focused her career on the industry of animation, reporting for many international publications. She is the former editor of Film & Video Magazine and is the founder of the International non-profit organization, Women In Animation. Rita has also authored three books on graphic arts. For the Art Institute of Pittsburgh she serves as a program advisory committee member for Game Art & Design. Rita is a co-producer of the Nicktoons Film Festival launching on the network this Fall. Animation Magazine is a leading trade publication devoted to the coverage of the business, technology and art of animation. Subscribers in 78 countries rely on Animation for insights into studio animation production and independent art.

Steven Subotnick
Digital Overdrive: Animation Education in Transition

Steven Subotnick's works include Glass Crow, a poetic meditation on the Thirty Years War; Devil's Book, a collaged and calligraphic abstraction, and Hairyman, a fable based on American folktales. He has taught animation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, at Rhode Island School of Design, and at Harvard University, and has worked as a free-lance animator and director. He has written a book for Focal Press titled, Animation in the Home Digital Studio. Currently, he is designing interactive animation for a project designed to teach children music.

Theodore Ushev
Working On The Web: Is A Career In Internet Animation Possible?

Theodore Ushev was born in Bulgaria and has lived and worked in Montréal, Canada, since 1999. He works in graphic and web design, television design, interactive design, illustration, and animation. His works have been official selections and award-winners in all the major international forums for contemporary graphic design and animation festivals, including Ottawa, Annecy, KROK, Anifest, Animasia, Sundance, Avanca, FIFI Paris, FFF New York & San Francisco. A Retrospective of his work was presented at Seoul Net Festival in 2003 and he has had exhibitions at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, and at the Newcastle Art Centre in the UK.

Steve Whitehouse
Working On The Web: Is A Career In Internet Animation Possible?

Steve Whitehouse began in the music business until returning to school to continue drawing and learning the craft of animation. He has worked on numerous TV shows over the years including: Care Bears and Sam & Max (which he directed, earning him the Gemini for Best Animated Series).

Bob Wiseman
Scoring For Animation

Though Bob Wiseman is more well known as either the guy who was going to change his name to "Prince" when the Purple one resigned his moniker or else for his Juno award winning days as the soloist in legendary Canadian group Blue Rodeo he is also a veteran of many film and television scores including 4 animated works.

"Airplane on the Highway" directed by Carolyn Azar (1990)
"Public Domain" directed by Kris Lefcoe (2003)
"Uranium" directed by Wrench Tuttle (2004)
And currently "Niktune" by New York Animator Tom Eaton

"Bob Wiseman shines throughout" Penthouse Magazine

Steven Woloshen
The Way You Do The Things You Do

Steven Woloshen entered Vanier College and was admitted to Concordia University. He has created many animated and experimental film project. He has lectured on the subject of the animated film and has been commissioned to create short animated pieces for other filmmakers, artists and events.