Alarm System by T.Anders Carson (Canada)

Curtailed in her pink frock,
I asked her to hold the touch pad.
Falling over complaints of
never in our day did we
lock our doors,
I grin at her eagerly anxious
She doles cartoons full of sappy
love stories for me to see.
It's like watching soaps for
too long,
I feel drained thinking about the
So I don't.
I let my beating heart linger on each tap
for I know that one day,
I'll roll over and it will stop
like an old glass cased watch.
A year ago today I battled my
fearless grandmother
and felt that I'd lost.
She didn't want any motion detectors
or 24-hour emergency service.
No, today after being away
for 7 months,
I turned on the alarm
and tucked myself to sleep

T.Andres Carson: Author of several books of poetry, including Salt Pork and Sunsets (Black Bile Press, 1997), and A Different Shred of Skin (Undead Poets Press, 2000).

Graveyard 'Picnic'

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Wednesday, September 22, 9:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Saturday, September 25, 7:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Running time: 60:17 mins.

Graveyard 'Picnic' [2001] 
Michaela Pavlatova / Wild Brain / USA / 0:30
Every grave has a story.  See how the dearly departed met their 
untimely end.
The Street [1976] 
Caroline Leaf / National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 10:12
Master of Ceremonies [1987] 
Chris Sullivan / USA / 9:00
Death and the Mother [1995] 
Ruth Lingford / Ownbrand Animation / United Kingdom / 11:00
A sick child is taken by Death. The mother follows and overcomes 
ordeals to win back her child, but the greatest test of her love is 
still to come.
Father and Daughter [2000] 
Michael Dudok De Wit / Cloudrunner, Cinete / The Netherlands, 
United Kingdom / 8:00
A young daughter longs for her absent father.
Dad's Clock [2002] 
Dik Jarman / Kanga Manga Studios / Australia / 6:30
Like Drowning [1998] 
Cath Murphy / Victorian College of the Arts / Australia / 9:55
Billy loses his mother to grief. All he wants is his mother back.
How to Cope with Death [2002] 
Ignacio Ferreras / Tandem Films / United Kingdom / 3:10
An old woman sleeps quietly in her rocking chair as the television 
flickers ominously. In the stillness of her room, she is about to 
confront death like never before. As the Grim Reaper raises its 
scythe above her head, she leaps into action!