Excerpt from Anathema by Richard Meltzer (USA)

"Is it simply, or chiefly, the STAMP OF ENDGAME emblazoned on the surface of their being? Itchy-twitchy evidence to young louts of their own mortality, of the literal way of all flesh and all flash? A case of shoot-the-messenger? Or would that be a mite too metaphoric--and teleological--and mightn't there be a little too much denial on young'uns' parts for such a leap-o-logic?

Or, after all is said and done, might it boil down to no more, no less, than the creeping ineffable: COOTIES?

Geezer cooties! (The way of all all.)"

RIchard Meltzer: Renowned and controversial rock critic and the author of a dozen books. Richard Meltzer has written regularly for the Village Voice, the L.A. Reader and the L.A. Weekly, and has contributed to Spin, Rolling Stone, and other monthlies.

Geezers 'It Bit My Ass'

The Old Fools

Backseat Bingo

George and Rosemary

Geezers 'The Musical'
Thursday, September 23, 9:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Friday, September 24, 7:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Running time: 60:30 mins.
Geezers 'It Bit My Ass' [2000] 
Evan and Gregg Spiridellis / Jibjab.com / USA / 2:37
Sick of hippies and freeloaders, Leo decides to take out his 
anger on an innocent squirrel in the park. It turns out to be 
a really bad idea.
The Old Fools [2003] 
Ruth Lingford / United Kingdom / 5:37
Dementia, decay...and then you die. A poem by Philip Larkin.
Cat and Mouse [1985] 
Kirk Henderson / Colossal Pictures / USA / 4:40
Backseat Bingo [2004] 
Liz Blazer / University of Southern California / USA / 5:25
Sexy Senior Seeks Same... an animated documentary about 
senior citizens and romance. 
Geezers 'Leo Loves Hilary' [2002] 
Evan and Gregg Spiridellis / Jibjab.com / USA / 2:32
When Leo's friend Big Daddy Smokes goes missing, 
he becomes convinced of a government conspiracy to turn 
old people into soap.
George and Rosemary [1987] 
Alison Snowden & David Fine / National Film Board of Canada / 
Canada / 8:48
A romantic tale about two golden agers who prove that passion 
is not exclusively for the young.
Old Grey Hare [1944] 
Bob Clampett / Warner Bros. / USA / 7:00
Second Class Mail [1984] 
Alison Snowdon / United Kingdom / 4:00
Amazing what one can buy when shopping through the mail. 
Instant Sex [1979]
Bob Godfrey / Bob Godfrey Films / United Kingdom / 5:52
With the modern concept that anything can come in a can, 
Godfrey depicts a classic mildmannered man who over-indulges and gets perhaps not quite just desserts.
Old Age (excerpt from Everybody Rides the Carousel) 
[1975] John Hubley / Hubley Studios / USA / 13:00
Geezers 'The Musical' [2001] 
Evan and Gregg Spiridellis / Jibjab.com / USA / 2:00
Leo and Cicero put aside their differences and sing a duet... 
It ain't so bad being old!