Excerpt from Answer Me by Matthew Firth (Canada)

"I held her close. Peered deeply into her foggy, grey eyes. I told her I'd buy her drinks for the rest of the day if only she'd wash my feet. That was all the convincing she needed. She became my washerwoman. She scrubbed, brushed and bathed me, right there in the dim yellow light of the Balmoral Tavern. I wallowed in her mercies. Revelled in her delicate, womanly touch. Down and down and down we sank in each other's presence till sin mingled with righteousness, vinegar mingled with wine, purity of heart mingled with evil till I stunk no more, till she tunk no more, till the filth was sucked away, till I could hold my head high knowing I was a pure member in good standing - dues paid up - in Jesus' flock of bleating sheep, in God's army. And she, my unclean whore, sent my sins - my blood, cum, snot, piss, shit, bile, the very marrow of my bones - straight down the toilet right there in the ladies at the Barlmoral Tavern."

Matthew Firth: Author of Fresh Meat (Rush Hour Revisions, 1997) and Can You Take Me There Now? (Boheme Press, 2001) Firth has helped to encourage a new tone for literary writing in Canada by publishing chapbooks, two different literary magazines, and his own growing oeuvre of tell-it-like-it-is short stories.

Give Up Your Aul Sins

Scuttlebutt Coffin

Son of Satan

Ring of Fire

Secret Joy of Fallen Angels
Wednesday, September 22, 7:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Saturday, September 25, 9:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Running time: 67:36 mins.
Give Up Yer Aul Sins [2001] 
Cathal Gaffney / Brown Bag Films / Ireland / 4:30 
Based on the original recordings taken in Dublin schoolrooms 
from the 1960's, this film dramatises the event as a TV crew 
arrive to record the children in Miss Cunninghams classroom 
and we are treated to the story of John the Baptist told as 
only children can.
The Ten Commandments: No 6 Thou Salt Not Commit 
Adultery [1994]
Phil Mulloy / United Kingdom / 5:00
Scuttlebutt Coffin [1997] 
Robert Jefferson / United Kingdom / 6:36
A philandering escapologist gets his comeuppance during his 
underwater barrel routine, while the dancing monkey learns a 
secret kiss.
Son of Satan [2003]
JJ Villard / CalArts / USA / 12:30
Little Dark Poet [1998] 
Mike Booth / Bolex Brothers / United Kingdom / 5:30
Love, lust, guilt and disgust come together in a mixture of 
live action and stop motion animation.
Ring of Fire [2000] 
Andreas Hykade / Gambit / Germany / 15:00
Two young cowboys spend their days in the cool shade of a 
rock, but at night they make their way to the bazaar of sexual 
Secret Joy of Fallen Angels [1991] 
Simon Pummell / Channel 4 Television / United Kingdom / 11:00 A re-telling of the annunciation story which blurs the sacred and the profane. The film combines many different optical film techniques with an exploration of drawing the human body which breeds Mickey Mouse with Michelangelo.
Swing, You Sinners [1930] 
Dave Fleischer / Fleischer Studios / USA / 7:30