Sunday, September 26, 11:00 am (Museum of Civilization) 
Running time: 72:44 mins.

I Want a Dog [2002]
Sheldon Cohen
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 35 mm / 10:09
Drawing on paper, computer rendering

Young May wants a dog more than anything else in the world.


Fellows (Bonhammes) [2003]
Cecilia Marreiros Marum
Les Films du Nord / France, Belgium / Betacam SP / 8:20
2D computer

One day a small five-year-old boy builds a snowman.


Circuit Marine [2003]
Isabelle Favez
National Film Board of Canada, Folimage / Canada, France / 35 mm / 7:50
2D computer, 3D computer

A whimsical fantasy about our cruel, carnivorous world.


Dial 'M' for Monster [2003]
Kevin Nikkel
Winnipeg Film Group, Inc. / Canada / Betacam SP / 0:52
Pencil on paper

A frustrated younger sibling refuses to be the victim of her older brother's scaring.


I Love Picnic [2002]
Aaron Lim
RG Animation Studios / South Korea / Betacam SP / 4:50
3D computer

The story of the white bear who lives in Iceland.


Kindness (Mehrahani) [2003]
Fahime Nikomazari
Hamedan Center / Iran / Betacam SP / 6:00

A little girl has a loaf of bread and wants to eat it, but when other hungry animals ask for a piece she gives them some.


The Elephant and the Snail (De Olifant en de Slak) [2002]
Christa Moesker
Phanta Vision Film International / The Netherlands / 35 mm / 6:26

One day in the middle of the woods, an elephant meets a snail, just as it begins to rain.


Listen Rabbit…Daddy Goes to London (Redzi Trusi…Tetis Brauc uz London U) [2004]
Nils Skapans
Furis Podnieks Studio / Latvia / Betacam SP / 8:17

Who would have thought that an ordinary suitcase is such a great means of transportation?


Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! ‘The Traveller' [2003]
Tony Collingwood & Andrea Tran
Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment / United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 5:00

Yoko, Jakamoko and Toto meet a mysterious Traveller.


Joe of the Birds (O Zé Dos Pássadros) [2002]
Silvino Fernandes & Paulo Sousa
Abre-Te Cesamo Audiovisuais / Portugal / Betacam SP / 15:00
3D computer, 2D computer

Joe is a poor chimney cleaner who lives in a country known as "chimney kingdom.”